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  1. I have two database that are related. I have the title of database A being derived from a calculation from B (looks like Title A = Title B ) The caluclation works and the title is transfered and all is good. However now I want to turn the Title field back into a text field and not a calculation. How do I do that and save the text as well? I try telling it to store the calculation but it says "The Calculation "title," cannot be stored or indexed because it references a related field, a summary field, an unstored calculation field, or a field with a global storage." Please he
  2. What I mean by trashed is this. It was put into the trash and deleted and I recovered the file. Now when I try to open it, it asks for a name and password. I've tried all the passwords I know, and punched in the admin password for filemaker 7.
  3. Alrighty I need help desperately, and after looking over what others have wrote it doesn't look good. One of my database files got trashed the other day so I've been frantically trying to recover it. I still know my password for filemaker (the program) and have punched in every single combination I can think of. I'm very organized with my passwords but as of right now none of them are working. Is there anyway to reset the password for this file? Any and and all help would be appreciated beyond words.
  4. I've got two databases related to eachother. On one database there is a blown up picture with all the info typed into text fields, and this datebase is online and can be viewed. The other database holds the large picture files and imports the text fields from the first datebase. How do I make it so when people can download the large files if the thumbnail is the the picture they're looking for?
  5. Ok I've kinda got the same problem as a few of you. I have a huge database of about 4,000 pictures. I used Graphic Converter to make the images about 15K a piece so it loads quickly etc. Obviously this means I had to really dumb down the quality, resolution etc. I have imported these images without using the file reference option since they are so small. I am using a quad G4 2.5 ghz Mac, so I'm working on the same machine that will be used as the server. The problem is I don't know how to make it so when people are looking at the files I have up, I want them to be able to click
  6. I've got a picture database of University research slides that I'm putting into a database. The raw images are about 5 megs each and I've put them on their own seperate database. In another data base I have greatly lowered the resolution etc. to make the pictures about 16K each. What I want to do is make the 16k version the one that people see on the web, and if they want the image for their lectures I want them to be able to click on the image and have it download the raw 5 meg image. How do I get filemaker to match the files, and make them be able to download the raw image? T
  7. Argento

    Photo layout

    I'm doing a huge image database that I have to put on the web. There will be over 5,000 pictures and all pictures are about 3 megs each. Does anybody have a template that allows for people to search and label, while at the same time having small enough (size wise) thumbnails to make it run quickly over the web? I'm struggling trying to make one. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Here's my problem. I import pictures for my database that is going to be about 5,000 pictures in size. That's fine I have the machine, bandwith, and storage capacity to do that. The problem I have is I need the thumbnails to be smaller files then they're being imported as. What its doing right now is importing the full file for each entry, but the thumbnail is just a shrunken version of the orginal picture with the same file size. I need to make that picture considerably smaller (it starts at about 5 megs). Does anybody know how to do that? I assume you have to alter the container o
  9. I have kinda the same problem. I embedded the pictures in the database but am going to have about 5,000 images when I'm done. This does make it scroll extremely slow when trying to look at all of these. I switched it so it would automatically default to the "List View," but the thumbnails are the same file size, just visually shrunken down. I was in the help file and it told me to change the container field for the thumb nails. Is there a way I can change it so when it imports the pictures it makes a thumb nail that's only about 15k or so big? I read the previous answer
  10. Yes but how do I get the layout to show the thumbnail view as default when viewed from the web?
  11. hello, I work for a large University and lately I've been scanning slides and putting them into FMP 7. I'm using the photo catalog to display the slides. The issue I'm having is it takes forever and a day to display the images. My question is how can I speed that up, and is it possible to make the default viewing mode "List View?" If it is, is it also possible to make it so that the only way they can see the slides blown up is for them to download them? Also the file sizes for the pictures are about 3 megs. Thank you for any help.
  12. I import about 20 pictures and they're automatically inserted into my Photo Catalog layout I have. Problem is when I post it on the web the pictures don't show up. I looked at the help icon and it says that its not web transferable. How can I make it so my pictures will show up (so it is web transferable) Thanks.
  13. Thanks! That's a huge help and should do everything I need it to do. Thanks again for the help and I'm sure I'll be back.
  14. Yes the template is under "Home --> Photo Catalog Then I make keywords for the slides but I have so many that they won't display on the keywords box. They'll only display the first 12 or something like that. Thanks for the help.
  15. No its involving a template. The template allows you to post pictures and then make keywords for them. Its not a portal because I just figured out what one was (I think). Any way I tried what you said and I was able to widen the window it was in, however there was not an option that allowed me to add a scroll bar. Any other ideas? (thanks for taking time to help the inept as well by the way)
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