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  1. You have not given whih are your curent tables a and how didi you relate them?I ft
  2. Actually what do you want to achieve by doing so?
  3. Thanks for the response. Excuse me for the English mistakes which is my 3rd language. I know this calculation would work. But my problem is slightly different. “Quantity available, quantity sold, quantity purchased” are not on same table Actually I have 4 tables ‘Inventory’, ‘item’, ‘Invoice’ and ‘Purchase’. ‘Reorder quantity’ and ‘Quantity Available’ are belongs to ‘inventory’ ‘Purchase quantity’ and ‘Quantity sold’ are from item table Item is a portal both on ‘Purchase’ and ‘Invoice’ layouts. ‘Item’ and ‘inventory’ are related As I sale an inventory item using i
  4. Hi all, Hoping someone would help me I am submiting an enter enter calculation that killed my sleep for last few nights. I have an invoice db. In invetries I have "quatity available" as auto-enter here is the calcuation Case ( Quatity Available ≤ Reorder Quatity ; TextStyleAdd ( TextColor (Quatity Available ; RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0 ) ) ; Bold ) ; TextStyleAdd ( TextColor ( Quatity Available ; RGB ( 119 ; 119 ; 119 ) ) ; Bold ) ) this calcuation gives me the expected result The problem i am facing I want to add the "purchase quaity" to ""quatity
  5. Forum is the best Place. Here you can discuss anything,but in a book.... Even though, I had gone through a very good book, but i dont exactly remeber the name, it is like 'using filemaker' very good book for biginers
  6. Photoshop is best to deal with buttons. Sorry for the delay.
  7. My experience is that .gif format give beter prformance in iwp. If ny guss is corect you have .png icons. there are some small softwares available to change icon formates
  8. If more paerson are entering data into same database at same time how the global fields useed in scripts works? Will a simultanious action crash the script?
  9. When you use set field script you should have a global field. or a vriable Script colud be like this set filed [TableA::Filed; global field] Got lay out set field [table B::field; global field Go to layout[original]
  10. The zip file does not contain anything
  11. Thanks to bruce and soren dyhr, The file sent by bruce terrifically solved the problem. sherif
  12. Hi, I shall explain my problem. Actually, I want to use this DB for mail merge to selected contacts. Hence I want to create small groups from a long contact list. I have a table named ‘contact’ having fields, contact ID, First Name, Second Name, Full Name, address, email and City. I have another two tables called ‘groups’ and ‘group_contact’. In “group’ I have ‘group name’ and ‘gTemp’ as fields and in ‘group contact’ I have ‘group name’, ‘Name’ and ‘email’ fields. These two tables are related at ‘groupname’. And group_contact is portal in ‘groups’ Layout. I have to add all ‘full na
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