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  1. This is very embarrasing, but how do you save it as a zip?
  2. Hi Phil, In the ADDRESS BOOK layout you fill in all nessacary info about every person. One of the fields is a dropdown value list where you can pick the different professions. I need this value list to group the people by profession in order to work in a different layout called PROJECTS. In project I need to be able to pick only the PRODUCERS from the ADDRESS BOOK in order to make the list smaller and handier. I have absolutly no idea where to start. Also IF the PRODUCER is not already in the ADDRESS BOOK I would need a dialog box that asks you if you would like to add this perso
  3. Could someone PLEASE help me work this out, it is driving me mad; In the address book I have a field where you choose the profession of the person you are adding (producer, director, casting director etc). On the PROJECT layout I have The fields where you need to fill in the name of the producer, director, agent etc. I would like it to be a dropdown list of all the names of producers in the address book when you fill it in. In other words I think I need to group people in the address book in order to make this work. If the person is not already in the address book I would like a dialog bo
  4. I have been looking at the filemaker template file resourse scheduling and managed to get the buttoms working through scripts. Now I only have to figure out how to make the information appear in the portal. Looking at the template a few things don't make sense to me: In the new project layout the fields you fill in are from "current table: Calendar" although the layout is called "new project" The portal in Resourse scheduling is showing the related records from Project Resourse ID? Nowhere in the define database can i find Project Resourse ID as a field nor is it as a layout. Althou
  5. Could you please just explain what the following does in the above filemaker template: Set field [Resource Schedule; Global ResourceID; Resourse schedule; Resourse ID] Is this for the portal? I am trying to adjust it for my own database... Thanks Frida
  6. Yes I have had a look, but I am taotally confused as all this is new to me. Could I send over a clone for you of the file to look at? I need to get the actions explained so I understand what is doing what and why in order to create the same script for my database. The filemaker language is totally foreign to me. If you have the time I would very much apprichate it. /Frida
  7. I was looking at the template for resource scheduling in filemaker and there is a function called add project. When you press it it takes you to a different layout where you add information then press continue. This takes you back to the original layout and adds all the details in the field. Could someone please explain how this works as this is idealy the function I want to use for my database. I think I need to understand it in order to create it and would be very greatful for all help I can get. Frida Lindholm
  8. I have e-mailed the file to you. Please have a look if you have time. Thank you!
  9. I have to following tables - Project, Role and Address. I want the information added in Role to show in a portal on the Project table. I have done the following. Insert Portal. Show related records from Role. Specified how to sort the records. Number of rows 20 I have then added the fields that I would like to show in the Portal. Still I cannot see anything in the portal. I can imagine that I have not related all the tables right. In define database the following are related ProjectID (Project) = ProjectID (Roles) I am aware that it might seem like a stupid question, b
  10. Do I need to use a script to make this work? In that case which one? I have created a table for roles and added the fields I want people to fill in. Now I would like to press a button to make it appear in the portal on the main table. Thanks Frida
  11. Sorry, maybe my explaination wasn't very clear. We basically recieve tons of film/tv/theatre scripts and have to do breakdown of the different roles/parts in the script. i am creating the databast to fill in information about the scripts/production. As there are different amount of roles in different script the easiest way to do it would be to click a button that says add role and a box would pop up where you fill in the information about the character (about 5 fields) and click ok. There might be up to 20 parts so I guess it would be best is the roles were shown in a portal? I am very new to
  12. I am working on a database for an Talent Agent and need to have a section for scripts that they recieve. I would like to created a button where you can add roles and when you press it I would like there to be a pop-up row with fields to enter... Basically on of the records to be a pop-up... Is that possible? Thanks Frida
  13. Thanks, So do I need to create a portal on the individual tabs and then put the feilds in them? Gosh it is all so confusing. Basically I have created three tabs and defined all the feilds in the database.Although i have not created any portals. Not sure what a portal is... Maybe I am a bit thick... Sorry for the stupid questions...
  14. I have found the calender that you can use and it is grand, but when it comes to filling in time is there a clock? Or do anyone have some clever suggestion how to design it? Thanks Frida
  15. Please help me, I am a rockie when it comes to filemaker, but have been playing around this weekend and finally started to created my database. I'm stuck now though as I want to work with three tabswhere fill in information to make things easier for the users. When I add fields on a different tab they keep on overlapping when I preview. I want different fields in the different layers. How does it work? Please help me so I can crack on. Thanks Frida
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