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  1. Zulu is telling me that your 360Works account with google has reached it's daily limit. We ran into this problem when we first started using Zulu and you guys had to get Google to increase your limit. Please advise! Thanks.
  2. I would like to view this log file. Can you please tell me where it is located on a Mac?
  3. How can I determine what keeps causing our Zulu server to stop syncing with Google? We have been using Zulu server to sync with Google for the past couple of years. Over the past few months Zulu stops syncing after just a few days. To correct the problem I must log in, toggle off the auto-sync feature, perform a manual sync, and then turn the auto-sync back on. This is no longer a viable solution.

    SVG Icon Manager

    I wish FileMaker would get out of the dark ages. It's crazy that in 2017 we are still dealing with these issues. The ability to embed fonts would solve all of these interface/icon/button problems.
  5. Hi Ryan, we are still having one minor issue with Scribe removing number formats from cells. For example, I have a column of numbers which are set to currency and when we write to cells with Scribe it removes the number formatting. Is it possible to preserve this? Thanks.
  6. Thank Ryan, this new build solved the formatting problem that we were having with the border styles being overwritten.
  7. Thank Ryan, this new build solved the formatting problem that we were having with the border styles being overwritten.
  8. I have a customer that has provided an Excel template that they want us to use to submit our quotes to them. They have strict formatting of cell borders that they do not want us to modify. Can I prevent Scribe from erasing Excel cell border formatting?
  9. Your link to download Scribe 2182 is not working. Can you please post a new link? Is there any way to prevent scribe from erasing the formatting of the Excel cell borders?
  10. When I add an attendee to a Google sync calendar no email invitations are sent. Also...no notifications are sent when changes are made to the event. Are these types of notifications supported?
  11. Set the field zulu_deleted to 1 in the demo file

    SVG Icon Manager

    Hi Claus, I tried another set of icons and it worked. Any idea why the attached icon will not work? Thanks. custom-5.svg The "custom-5.svg" icon is part of a icon font set that I am currently using in a FileMaker solution.

    SVG Icon Manager

    I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.3. I just did a test with a single icon and I am getting the same error.

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