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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. I currently have the value list as a "1" and agree with your suggestion for this. I guess where I am stumped is how to create a summary field for a count in another table. Essentially I need to count how many "1's" were check in another table. Hope I am making sense.
  2. I am having trouble figuring out how to count records in a portal that have a "checked" box. I have a check box field called "reserve" in a related table record shown in a portal. I need to be able to count how many of the records in the portal (related table) are checked and show that total in the main record. I have come up short so far. Thank you for any ideas.
  3. Well I hate to even mention but I have to owe up to my stupidity. I must've done a font change, where as the field border was cutting off the last digit of the serial. Thus making everything look duplicated. It is now corrected. I cannot believe it, but I guess now I have the honor of being admitted to some FMP hall of shame! Thank you, thank you!!!!
  4. I just discovered that the duplication s only on that layout. If I go to another layout, which has the same records in a different format (still list view) and search for one of the serials that is duplicated, I only get one result. If I do a show all, none are duplicate. So maybe the layout is messed up?
  5. Sorry, the picture is a list view of the records in the database. Each record had a unique serial generated by Filemaker based on "CRE00000" increment by one. It is also validated to be unique. The folks on IWP have read only access. And only I can import. It is very strange. It was fine, I made a couple UI changes, added the script. And when to browse mode, and this is what i got. It is really bad as each record references documents and must be unique. Sorry there is not much to go on. I am wondering if this is version 9 bug territory.
  6. The serial number is a "Serial Number" auto enter with a validation of Unique and must exist. The change I made was script with a find request for the records, then a print with the found set, and a return to the menu. That is it. I then saw that each serial number is repeated 2-10 times for each number. These are to be, and were unique. Now I may have broken a golden rule, but I was editing the database while someone was on via IWP. Typically I have not had an issue in the past. I have tried a recover, and tried to reimport to no avail. I am working to get a backup, but I am c
  7. I have a fairly large database and after doing some updates and entering browse mode, the custom serial number we create is now duplicated across several records. The numbers were right previously, set to be unique in validation, and the only changes made were for to add a script for a search, report and print. Has anyone seen this? I am thinking I either need to go to a previous backup and redo the changes I made, or pull the database from the server and do a repair? Any thoughts? Thank you!
  8. I am hosting a database accessible via IWP. We are experiencing an issue where when a search is performed, only 10 records are shown in the list when the view can show 25. If I then go to a detail page for one of the records, then click "Next Record" I get a record much further down the list, not the next record shown in the list. If I then change the layout to the list view, it takes me to the last page of the results. This is painful as it does not keep things as sorted, and there are enough clicks just to edit a record via IWP. Any thoughts?
  9. I regret the lack of clarity as it was not intended and the help is appreciated. Let me see if I can clear things up. We have records that have a sale date that falls on Fridays. All of our searches are based on that date. What we are needing to do is find ALL records that have a Sale Date that falls between 2 weeks from "Current Date" and 6 weeks from "Current Date". In the end the search should find all records that are with the 4 week range 2 weeks out from the current date (date of search). I think I found a cheesy way of doing it, but I am not sure if it is best. What I d
  10. I am confident that those are great starts, but regrettably, I do not understand how to incorporate those. A bit out of my league. Are those for "Let" functions? Sorry, and appreciate the help.
  11. All of the dates we search for fall on a Friday. So if we run a script on a Saturday that looks for Today plus 14, it will not count in the current week. So we went for weeks that way all dates are covered and none are missed. Hope that helps. I appreciate the help.
  12. Sorry for the chaos. You are correct, I am looking for the records between 2 weeks out and 6 weeks out. And the field I am searching in is a standard date field. Maybe I should create a week field based on the date?
  13. That looks good except a concern is that we will miss some records as the dates we are searching are all on Fridays, and depending upon when the script is ran, some records will be missed at the backend. So I thought going with weeks would ensure that all records are found. So are weeks pretty much not an option?
  14. I am trying to perform a find based on a date range. However, this range is based on weeks out. For example, Today is 8/16/07. I want to find all records between 2weeks from now, and 6 weeks out. I currently have this script: Let (cd = Get ( CurrentDate ) ; WeekOfYear ( cd )+2 & "..." & WeekOfYear ( cd )+6 ) However, I am not certain how to turn the week back into a date range for the field. I am thinking I am missing something simple, but am stumped.
  15. I added a conditional format with a formula Get(RecordOpenState) and it does not appear to work. Anyone else have success?
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