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  1. I am desperately trying to find a solution for connecting FileMaker to a Postgresql database. It is not that it is unable to connect - it connects beautifully via ODBC for Postgresql. But I can only import data which is not very useful. I do need to create FileMaker as a front-end to Postgresql and display data dynamically. I searched everywhere and it does seem that this is not possible, but I was wondering if in spite of this somebody knows of a solution? Many, many thanks, Margita
  2. I would like to use IWP only for viewing and finding records - not for creating/modifying records. As some graphics and scripts in the database are not compatible with IWP, I would have to change all of them which would affect the database used in FMPRO application. I wonder what the best approach would be? Create another copy of the database, change the graphics, scripts and convert it to IWP and use that? Using this approach would mean, that if records are created/modified in the master copy of the database - they would have to be imported into the IWP version of the database.
  3. I have seen several topics here on updating a global picture container in a multi-user environment. It would seem that the suggested solutions mention taking the hosted FMPRO database from the server and then open it locally independently of the server. I am just wondering whether global picture containers can or should be cleared by setting the field to "" on exit in a multi-user environment - or is there any reason for not using this procedure?
  4. Many thanks - I was away, hence the late reply.
  5. Many thanks. I take it that if I change the Autoenter to unstored calculation the way I have it at the moment, it will show the icon in all the portal rows, including the last blank row? Would I have to construct something else? Thanks again, Margita
  6. I am using John Osborne's technique for not displaying an icon in the last portal row if there is no record there (using a global container field and an auto-calculation container field). This works fine. However, I am using it in a database which already has a number of records. The container fields work fine for newly entered records. But the previously entered records do not display the icon on their portal rows. Is there any way the container can be updated for previously entered records on the portal rows? Many thanks, Margita
  7. Thanks for your help. I'll try it out. At the moment I use standard edit fields with sliding turned on. Margita
  8. Thanks - sorry, I did not realise that merge fields exhibit this kind of behaviour. Yes, indeed, it is a limitation.
  9. Thank you. What about merge fields which don't slide up? Some of the lines line up alright, but some don't. Or does this also depend on fields being empty or non-empty?
  10. I enclose an example of the envelope layout problem. I have tried different combinations - changing layout etc. Thank you for looking at it. ContactTest.zip
  11. Just to let you know that I will not be using merge fields for both envelope and mailing labels layouts. They do not seem to work - so I am using standard edit box fields with sliding turned on. There seems to be a bug with merge fields. Margita
  12. Thank you very much. The merge text was already set to left positioning and on top. As far as I can tell there are no hidden objects. This is most strange. Would you have any other ideas? Margita
  13. I have a problem with envelope layouts. The individual fields in the address block do not slide up or left if a field is empty. The fields are merge fields - and strangely enough, this does not make any difference. I do view them in Preview mode. I have searched this forum and all I can find is a suggestion that calculation fields should be created in case some of the fields are empty. However, I think this is an unnecessary bit of extra work. Is this really the only remedy? Or is this a bug in FMPRO?
  14. Thank you both very much. Yes, I know David Kachel's article and I try to make scripted buttons. I made your recommended change (Commit Records) in my database and now it works. Many thanks again for the input from both of you.
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