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  1. In the data separation model used, there is only two files. One file has the data, the other has the interface where all the scripts and user interface fields reside
  2. Can't believe I'm posting this.. I have used ZippScript 1.1 extensively in the past on all sorts of applications. A great product and so easy to install. In saying that, I just through 2.2 in a solution and it does not work? I have a global in the opening script enabling triggers and zippscript_version is returning 2,2, have the calculation field in place on a drop down calendar field and... nothing... If someone could point out the obvious I would surely appreciate it! It is a data separated solution and the field is native to the layout where it resides
  3. Lee is correct, you do not need a plug in. There are audit trails around that merely work on calculation fields that are quite acceptable. In fact I installed an audit system like this in a large pathology solution a couple of years ago. You would need to script undos and such but it worked great
  4. Once upon a time when I dealt with PC's in 2001, probably winblows 98, there was a dialog in outlook that enabled you to send without it. I had it working extensively with telemarketing software sending behind the scenes. I have no experience with the new version but I found it difficult finding the above mentioned setting then... Good Luck!
  5. I recently updated 2 clients to FMS 9 and have now invested more time trying to get the things to work that I'm ready to convert them back to FMS8. 1. The first conversion (Winblows 2003) seemed to go well, everything go up and running all by itself and then I went to set up the schedules and I got one done and the rest would not run. and now it won't even start up the stupid admin console so I cant do anything at all. 2.. The second client (Mac X serve), I got expert help uninstalling FMS8 including all the stuff we are not told about, Installed 9 and it seems ok. Problem is FMS9 is not r
  6. All I would say is I have found nothing yet that gives me issues with DSM.. post your files and we'll take look if you want
  7. I have what sounds like that problem on about 1/2 my clients that have PC's. I never have that problem on the mac clients. I've never tried to work out what it is... I should perhaps do a census on what versions they are running. And yes, its annoying
  8. you can have as many data files and GUI files as you need, I have a client that has 3 data files as they are getting too slow to back up, and one with 7 data files and 38 interface files all tied together much like a big bowl of nicely laid out overdone spaghetti. One GUI with 1 or 2 data would be the best arrangement I think
  9. interesting opinions, I have value lists in the interface so that if I email an interface update to the client, it has all the necessary adjustments with it and there is no need to change teh data file.
  10. I have developed a rapid deployment data separated framework if you want a copy. The framework for data separation is very useful for many things, more so than not in my opinion. I don't understand where the sync thing and replicating stuff gets in there... It's not necessary with the right set up
  11. The interface file usually has different relationships than the data file. In fact they are often completely different. The data file usually has less relationships and they would relate to lookups, calculations etc, and the interface will have all the GUI relationships for portals, and related fields etc. It should be rare that you have to replicate the same relationship in both.
  12. I've seen many versions of data separation models, some of them less than clever and a a result, a re-write is often easier than doing anything, you could post a clone and I'll take a look at the framework. I use separation for everything as I have found the pros FAR outway the cons
  13. SMALL two person law firm has simple FM6 solution and requires a local developer to help in times of need. Please email me or call. mac@datamatesolutions.com 208-724-9225
  14. thank you... message bug fixed on this one Archive.zip
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