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  1. Here is the situation and maybe someone can bring some light to it. I have a FileMaker file that I host on a machine. I'm not using FM Server, I'm just simply hosting the file on the machine so it can be shared by several users. The file is usually always running unless it becomes damaged...which has happened a lot lately. Thankfully, I usually don't lose much data at all. When I access the file, I actually remote into the machine using Windows Remote Desktop Client. Another user with FM uses the file at the same time using the network sharing functionality (He is not using Reomte De
  2. I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find a forum that talked about FM errors. Consistently I've been getting the following error: "{Filename} is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the recover command to recover this file." This error happens while I'm working in the file. Randomly it will popup and then close the file. Sometimes I lose some information. Any ideas what could be the cause of this? Thanks
  3. Yes this should be possible. Currently in one of my solutions I have a field that is formatted to bold and a larger size. You simply have to combine functions together. Here is an example. TextStyleAdd (TextSize ("your text"; 12); Bold ) This will change the text to size 12 and bold. Here's a sample for what you need. TextColor (TextSize ( TextStyleAdd ( TextStyleAdd ( "your text" ; Bold); Italic); 12) ; RGB ( 200; 30; 20) ) Hope this helps.
  4. I've created an email page within an application but I don't like how it creates a text-only email witin Outlook. First off, text only doesn't look very professional. Secondly, it doesn't keep any of the formatting I had in FM. Any ideas how to send html or rich-text emails through FM with Outlook?
  5. I'm wondering if there are any benefits to creating a runtime application that is used within the same company. Specifically I'm wondering if there are benefits if the application needs to be updated. I've created a solution for our equipment inventory that will be used (not simultaneously) by several users within our company. I'm wondering if there is any downfall if something within the app needs to be changed or updated.
  6. So I finally got our Zebra S400 label printer to print at least something from FM. I added the specific fonts that I'm using. But it will only print the following 'HOO. I'm not sure what this means and these characters are not in my lables in any way. I tried to print from MS Publisher and was able to print just fine. Any ideas?
  7. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I don't want a repeating field to have duplicate values. For example... I have a repeating field for laptops in a shipment. I don't want to accidentally have two of the same asset tag in that field. Is there a way to validate repeating fields maybe using a list or similar?
  8. Not only did I have it break each repeating field into single records for each piece shipped but I had it look up the asset tag (in a table with all asset tags) and change the status of each piece of equipment. Because everything was in a transaction list, I could create portals to show me everything that was shipped or received for a particular deal. I'm now working with FM 8.5 and have found new life with the "new" list function. Using the list function and the XORvalues function that you recommeneded, I'm able to compare a list of what was shipped with what was received while un
  9. I feel like I've moved foward with certain things but taken steps back with others because for the most part it sounds like FM can't handle what I need my app to do. As much as I hate to say this, it almost seems as if I should go back to repeating fields where they can be broken out into separate transactions. Doing that would make it impossible to compare what was shipped and received. I am confused and almost feel like I should find a better solution for this project. I'm going to keep trying to come up with something but right now I'm at a loss. I know that FM has the ability
  10. SD, Okay, so I have few more questions. I now have my implementation of your test working in my environment to a certain point. I want to track each and every transaction of sending and receiving. Originally I had a listing of all transactions. When I was using repeating fields, each field was broken up and exported to another list. How would I do this in the new format? Also, I have seperate tables for each of the different types of equipment that have asset tags(laptops, cases, switches, printers, ect.)I would like to have one table that has every asset. Is there a way to hav
  11. Well I went back one more time and checked your sample with my implementation of it and realized that my CalcAvail was stored. This makes sense why it wouldn't be removing items from the booked list. Also, what is the purpose of ReceiverReturner?
  12. Okay, so I started to implement your test app into my solution. For some reason I couldn't get the items that were in the available portal to be removed from that portal when moving them to the booked portal. Although it worked when moving from booked to available. Also, what is the function of the ReceiverReturner field? One last thing, my app would not put values in the calcavail or ReceiverReturner field? I checked and double checked all the calcuations and scripts. There's probably just one small thing that I'm missing. Thanks
  13. SD, Thank you so much for all of your help. I have really learned a lot the last few days. I am going to be restructuring my application. Your test file really has helped alot. I've been going through it to make sure I understand how everything works and then incorporating that into my system. I've never dealt with global fields much at all. To me, your test file is quite complex. I'm realizing that I still have a lot to learn. I will continue to post if I have further questions. Thanks again for all your help thus far!
  14. Jeff, thanks for adding your comments. I have tables that have each of my assets (laptops, cases, switches, printers, other). I have another table for shipping and another for receiving. Each record within shipping or receiving has all the equipment that was either shipped or received. I've attached a picture of a simplified layout I use for receiving equipment. You'll see my use for repeating fields. I hope this helps.
  15. That demo file was very well done but I don't see how that might help my situation. Maybe its the scanning part that is making things difficult. I just wish there was an example of how I could go about this project without using repeating fields. SD, Everything that you were describing in your previous post seemed to make sense but I really need to see it in order to fully understand it.
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