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  1. I have been a long term user of FileMaker Pro, since v3. I have recently introduced it to the accounting manager of the small company where I work. Recently one of our minor servers was attacked by a ransomware virus--CryptoWall. It started with the Excel files on the drive. Now it is hitting PDF files. I have moved my FileMaker files to my C-drive. My question is has anyone known FileMaker files to be subject to this. We have Sophos on the servers, and the accounting PCs have McAfee.
  2. My apologies, I did know that. I will check the setting for both machines.
  3. Since we are both on the same intranet here at the office, I doubt firewall. I will try the other suggestion this morning and let y'all know. This has been so strange.
  4. I have been using FileMaker since version 3. I have used Peer to Peer file sharing on versions 5 and 11. All on Windows (current version of the time). I demonstrated that FileMaker Pro is a tool we should use in our accounting office. I have basically replaced Excel with FileMaker for my daily work. Something I get teased about. We used Great Plains. I have pulled various elements of data from Great Plains joining in FileMaker. I have two files that I want to be able to share with my co-worker. And I want to setup file sharing between Payroll/HR and the Accounting Manager. The fi
  5. Thanks Wim. I was thinking about this today. I came to the conclusion to print any receiver I need I would need to do a TEMPORARY export that ADOBE Reader would print.
  6. I am using FileMaker Pro 13 on Win7. Â While I have been using FMP since ver3, container fields are a new experience for me. Â My coworker and I want to scan the receiving documents we get. Â We get these in batches from the Receiving Clerk. Â One method we are considering would be to scan the whole batch to PDF. Â We would not use FileMaker for this option. Â The other is to scan the individual receiving docs (2-4 pages) to PDF. Â We have this down. Â We can scan a mess of the receivers to our network. Â They auto-name with a date stamp. Â Using Import->Folder I can import the lot. Â Th
  7. I am in the process of developing several applications that I hope to market commercially. In my ABOUT screen, I make it explicit that the software is mine, no rights are conveyed to the customer. All Data is theirs. I have layouts and scripts to dump all data to Excel worksheets or CSV files, end user selectable. I believe it is very important to make THEIR data available to them.
  8. To run multiple runtime solutions at the same time, you have to give them unique file extensions. To get my last employer to adopt FileMaker Pro, I created several runtimes that provided tools for those of us in Accounts Payable. I created in Mac but made Windows runtimes. I used extensions *.th1 *.th2 *.th3 Then I could use all at one time.
  9. Thank ya. I am now testing the calculations to verify the correct results are showing. I appreciate the tips and assistance.
  10. All SINGLE are together and then all MARRIED. I have the records sorted decreasing order Single and High to Low Amounts followed by Married and High to Low Amounts Does that help the look up? Editted. .
  11. Thanks for all of the assistance. I was not setting the correct options in the LookUp screen. The relationship was right; the field was right. But the options to NOT COPY, LOWER or HIGHER were not touched. Made the difference.
  12. My three attachments show the tax table from the IRS. A screen shot of the relationship screen section, and the last is the table that I have for look up. My FileMaker lesson is that using an ID I have always been able to look up fixed data, i.e. employee name, pay rate, addresses, phone numbers. But for this I need look up the tax rate for $500, which is 15% from the IRS Tax Table. Formatting this as a calculation and using a CASE Statement works. But that is not easily updated. Hence I want to do it from the table. And I hopeful I am just overlooking something simple. I hope
  13. For me this is an exercise of learning more about FileMaker Pro than writing a payroll solution. I have been doing accounting for too many years to not know how complex the tasks are. There are real world times when a check needs to be cut outside of the payroll process. This could supplement. More importantly the lesson is learning to set up a table of values and being able to look them up.
  14. Does the scripting of security work in a Runtime? I am not sure if I am doing it wrong or it does not work.
  15. Â I have two sets of ranges to put in the table. Â The two ranges are Single and Married. Â I have set the relationship from Wages in the Calc Table to the TaxTable. Â I get a ZERO for the TaxRate. Â So I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Â I looked up the Employee PayRate from the Employee Table. Â So I thought I understood the concept. Â Right now I only have the Single tax ranges in the table. Â I am not sure how to distinguish the look up of wages from single and married?
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