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  1. Hi Can someone tell me the best format to save graphics / buttons as? When viewed in IWP a lot of graphics have black shadow or background. Thanks Greg
  2. Hi I want to copy contents of a postal address field in one table layout "Contacts" to another table layout "Projects" address field. As a time saver I want to be able to script a button to copy the postal address contents. If the postal address of the client happens to be the same location of the construction project, although this isn’t always the case and then the project address would be entered manually. I have... "Contacts" layout with Table "contacts" with say a field "postal address 1" and.... "Projects" layout with Table "projects" with say a field "project address 1" The Contacts & Projects tables are related by: Contact ID to Project IDfk And I tried this script but it doesn’t work? Set Field [ Projects::StreetAdd; Contacts::StreetAdd ] and so on for the other fields I hope I explained that properly? Thanks Greg
  3. Hello Lee Thanks for your reply. I tried the option with the cusomer ID relationship but it dosnt seem to work? In reply to your last post: Im not sure that would work because sometimes the postal address is diferent to the work and sometimes it is the same. i.e. our client is construction company and their office address is the postal address. Then the project address is where installation is to take place. I hope that is clear? Thanks Greg
  4. Hello Lee yes they are diferent fields. e.g. "Contacts" layout with Table "contacts" with a field "postal address 1" and.... "Projects" layout with Table "projects" with a field "project address 1" The scenario would be that I have one contact and the address of the construction project may be their postal or home address. The scripted button would just automate the population of the project address in this scenario. I hope I explained that properly? Thanks Greg
  5. Hi Phil No, I have a seperate tables for projects and contacts layouts but they are in the same file. Yes winters has arrived! Greg
  6. Can someone help with the following please? I want to copy a postal address (5 fields) contents from one layout, "Contacts" to another layout "Projects" address(5 fields)in . Thanks Greg
  7. Hi Gephry Sorry I tried to reply to your post the other night but the reply to post link wasnt working? Yes option 1. I want the button to FIND all "Prospects" and then sort by last name or company/etc---only Prospects will be shown in list view. The reason for this is that I have many more prospects than confimed customers and dont want to browse through unconfirmed projects/customers. Many thanks Greg
  8. Hi can someone please help? I have a table "contacts" which is all contacts. A new contact starts off as a "Prospect" selected in a drop down field (Prospects or Projects). When the prosprct becomes a confirmed "Project" the drop down selction is changed to "Project. I would like to asign a script to a button to enable me to list e.g all "Prospects" in a list layout with the sort criteria being the value of the Prospect/Project drop down box. Thanks Greg
  9. Ive Just worked it out, it was transparent. Doh!
  10. Can anyone help? I have tried every kind of format, color, I made sure I have more records than lines and still cant see it? Thanks Greg
  11. I just number formated the text box and it workad fine. Many thanks! Greg
  12. Hi I am having trouble displaying a currency value on a report when inserting the result field as a merge field, Relationships are OK! In Projects Table, Quote Amount Field is displayed e.g. £3000.00 In Merge field on quote report it displays 3000 with no £ or decimal point when it is .00 Thanks Greg
  13. Thanks Phil Very simple but would have taken me ages probably to find out. Greg
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