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  1. I am new here but I may be on a parallel path. I am not familiar with web viewer so I do not know anything there. It sounds like you need to get the xml file/feed first. I seem to remember reading something about ISO codes and numbers, and country codes for currency in some xml xsl reading I have doing. If I remember right they have standards for this in xml on how it is transmitted. "you can get the data you can't change the comma and make fm read the data as a number." I thought you could. TYPE="TEXT", TYPE="NUMBER" when setting up categories. Joe
  2. Cannot find declaration of element problem I seem to be having a problem working with and importing a xml file. I believe it has to do with the beginning 2nd line. It seem to be goofing up FMP XML imports. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ......and lots more xml........ with this file in Exchanger xml I get a "Cannot find declaration of element 'GetCategoriesResponse' " When I remove the "xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents" and use it as such <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ......and lots more xml........ my fmp xml
  3. Hi Fenton I am trying to get my bearing on this XSLT thing. Yup I am having a bit of a struggle. I think I am understanding it better. I did download Text XSLT and Exchanger lite as you recommended. All though I can fudge some XSLT in Text xslt and hit process to get some info out of my XML file I still can not get filemaker to do the same it seems to choke and spit out errors. I did spend the weekend plowing threw forum post and several books. I seem to be slowed down because most of the examples and books seem to be doing the style sheets for HTML conversion so there is a lot of code
  4. Hi everyone This is directed to Beverly's post 219907 above. As I am struggling with this XSLT style sheet creation myself. I wanted to clarify if I am understanding your response to OP question. I understand and can read the XML file I want to get the data from. I am able to set up a FMP data base with the categories/data fields I want. I can use this blank data base I just created to generate my XSLT style sheet by doing a XML export of this blank/dummy record and grabbing the style sheet FMP produces. Then reuse this style sheet for my import of the XML file.
  5. Hi Fenton Thanks bunches. You have spurred me on my way. Actually you have helped with more than one problem. On another post I was having problems opening CSV files and my upgrade to 7.0 took care of that. I only went with 7 because it was readily available. I did check B&N and borders but neither one had beverlys book. I did pick up a couple other generic XSTL just for browsing. I did download exchangerXML and that looks complex. Just a FYI I have read many of your posts and responses prior to this and they have been very helpful in other areas. just on a rambling end the
  6. Some advice on XML imports requested Hi everyone I am a little behind with FMP, I am on 5.5. I wanted to ask if I am understanding correctly that the newer versions of FMP will import XML files and create a data base from them reflecting the parent, child and leaf nodes with the attributes. Is this similar as say when I import a excel spread sheet type import. From my reading so far it looks like I have to set up a style sheet to map the incoming data to. Tips or advice as to should I upgrade to FMP 6,7 or 8 or I am just understanding wrong. I am just learning XML so I
  7. I emailed Troi support and they got back to me right quick. [color:green]"This calculation should work better: TrText_XML( "-GetNode" ; "abc/def[2]/ghi[" & Field G & " ]" ; XML data ) Note that the field is outside of the text string. Is that clear?" It was not doing it right. Joe
  8. TrText-XML function Working from page 25 of manual below [color:green] "If the XML contains multiple occurrences of a node you can retrieve a specific node by adding a number like this: abc/def[2]/ghi[3] This will get the 3rd 'ghi' node from the 2nd 'def' node of abc." Retrieving a specific node with a number as in 2 and 3 above. I was trying to define this number with a variable either a number from another field, function or formula. Example abc/def[2]/ghi[Field G] . Field G being a number or formula result. I have tried this in calculation field and scri
  9. Textwrangler will open all if I drop them onto its icon. Thanks for this tip. If I do save as with unix line breaks FMP will bring them right in. They look good as far as data and format. Secondly I tried dropping some onto the FMP icon and doing this will open some and others FMP seems to lock up. the ball keeps spinning. The files that I have trouble with I do not have control of the saved format I down load from the web. sample file http://homepage.mac.com/jman1/sale/file1.csv.txt Joe
  10. I tried text wrangler and it would not open it, Dimmed out. I do not have BBedit. I did open it in ICexcel just to check it out and I am able to convert it from icexcel to bring it into FMP but that added a lot of work to do that on a regular basis. I needed something a bit smoother. joe
  11. Help getting .csv files into fmp Hi everyone I am trying to get some PC .csv files into FMP 5.5 on a MAC OS X. when I try import or open "all available" the file is dimmed out. I am guessing I need to upgrade my FMP. I was wondering should I go just to FMP 6 or should I jump to 7 or 8. I do not really have the need to have the latest and greatest and I will still have to use 5.5 because this is what we use at work on OS 9 PPC machines. I really did not want to go to a file conversion program or open in excel because I wanted to use apple script to get this info in, and thi
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