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  1. Indeed, this is a much more elegant solution! I will have a look at it. It means some major reorganization because right now all the information with restricted access (which includes a lot more than just the owner) is in that separate file. Apart from the problem with access privileges, I was trying to avoid separate layouts... Using access privileges with calculations would mean that I could have it all in one file. I'll give it a try :P
  2. Thank you Razumovsky for your suggestion. If I understand you correctly, with your solution, the records in the two files are only related if the owner is public. If the owner is private on the other hand, there is no relation. But as the people at the estate who have access to all the information anyway, also to the password protected "artist_owners" file, need this connection between painting information and owner information, this is no option for me. The privacy issue only comes up with guest looking at the database.
  3. Oh, saw your change! Thank you very much, now it works!
  4. Thank you for your quick reply! I've tried your solution and it works fine with those entries that are private. The last name field in the "artist_main" field now shows 'private'. But the public entries only show a question mark in the same field. ?
  5. Hello everyone! I am working on a database for an artist's estate containing information about all of his artwork. There are two related files. Lets call them "artist_main" and "artist_owners". In "artist_owners" information about the artwork's current owner, like name, address etc., is stored. As there are owners who do not wish to appear in any listing or publication, I have a field called "owner privacy" that has two options to choose from: public or private (value list, radio button set). In the future, art historians will come to the estate to look at the database. They will onl
  6. I have a layout for printing that combines all the information from other layouts. It spans two pages in layout mode. As the fields' information content varies, I use sliding. In preview mode/printing the follwing happens: All the fields that are slided to the first page show up properly but the text labels belonging to them do not. They just disappear. Turning off sliding or turning the text labels into fields is the only way to get them to show. The second problem I have with sliding: When slided to the first page certain fields get separated (one part of information showing on page 1 and
  7. I have solved the problem! There is a "Search" button in each of my different layouts. Before, I only used it to go to "find mode". I've changed that now, specifying a simple script (see attached picture) for it - and it works just fine. Thanks!
  8. You are right, it works like that. The problem remains though. It only works if I go to 'find mode' and manually activate the adjusted find script. I just realized that I must be looking at the wrong script. When using find mode there seems to be another script. As there is no other find script in Script Maker, I assume that the one being used is a hidden one (?). I could add a search button in my layout that would use this find script. But I would like to avoid that, if possible. Which script is being activated when pressing enter in 'find mode' or using the find button in the status ar
  9. Translating was easier than I expected, just had to change the user interface language. I've added a screenshot of the search script I'm using.
  10. Thank you for replying. I have no problem sorting the data manually after performing a search. I've tried to add the sort function to my search script (at every possible position) but it still doesn't work. Is there maybe an additional step I have to add in order to make it work? I start translating the script, maybe that will help.
  11. Hello all I have a database (FM 7, PC) with art objects and I would like to adjust my search function so that it sorts the data (using a unique code) after finding it. Right now, it shows all the found data in no apparent order and I have to use a sort script afterwards. As others will use the database as well (who might even know less about FM than I do), it would be much more convenient if the sorting was integrated in the search script. I've tried to add the sort function to my search script but it didn't work so far. Can anyone help me with this? P.S. I'm not posting the
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