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  1. I have quite an extensive fmp database file that is about 250mb in size, but contains about 40 different tables of data. Most of which have relationship between tables, some complex others simple. I have a dedicated PC (Win XP) that stores the file/s on it on our network, and i have the PC as a start up to open the fmp file in the case of a reboot to ensure the file is always accessible remotely to each client PC owner etc. Each client PC has its own fmp starter file to open remotely the file to gain access. I have found that recently when opening the file there is a slight la
  2. Check to make sure the row of fields on the portal are contained within the portal row parameters, and are not a greater height than one portal row.
  3. Is it possible to display data from 2 separate tables in one portal, if so how? Do i create a 3rd table and somehow draw both tabled data into the 2rd table, then set the portal up to look to that 3rd table? How would i set up the 3rd table if that is possible, or is there a easier solution?
  4. I want to set up a chart to easily view via line chart the total monthly invoices for each month. With each new month, as new invoices are produced day by day, the line chart extends to show the new months total also. Not sure how i can group each months total invoices on the chart, and set a month/year 'x' category at the bottom. Then on the same layout i want a pie chart to display a break up of all customers, to gain a visual(%) of the total invoiced values, and their respective pie segments. Then under that pie chart, a 2nd pie chart to display ONLY the top 10(largest invoice
  5. Try using a portal type log as example attached Log Changes to a Field.zip
  6. Did you tick the 'Allow creation of records' option for the relationship?
  7. I just tried your suggested method, but for some reason i only ever get the first check box value, even if the second value was the only selection chosen. How strange is that?
  8. I have a checkbox(text) on a layout that gives the user an option of selecting up to 4 items. 99% of the time only one option is selected, and the other 1% of the time the need may be to select 2 checkbox options. What i am trying to achieve is to have a separate calculation field to display only the chosen checkbox item. I tried the following, but i do not get a value displayed in the calc field: Case(Checkbox_Text_field="Checkbox_Option_1";"Option_1_Selected"; Checkbox_Text_field="Checkbox_Option_2";"Option_2_Selected"; Checkbox_Text_field="Checkbox_Option_3";"Option_3_
  9. I have a repeating Number field[24]. I now want to set another field to display all the values in the repeating field, but only those that have a value in them. I want each of the values separated by a ", " for ease of viewing. I will need to set the field long enough in size to allow for the possibility of 24 separate numerical values. And allow for the comma between each value also. Would the field need to be set to a Number field or a Text field, as it includes comma's ? How can i achieve this?
  10. I was shown a Keyboard short cut once, that i have since forgotten that will enter a value in a field in ALL Records in the found set, not just the current record. Anyone know what is is for Windows ?
  11. In a nutshell, i have a number field named [iD] with 10 repetitions. Quite often a number will be repeated in more than one of those repetitions. Each number is related to a record in a separate table. So what i am trying to achieve is to print ONLY one copy of the record in the table that unique value records[iD] appear. So for example, in the above values i would end up with 7 printed pages out of the 10 values etc.... How can i achieve this?
  12. List ( RepeatingField ) gives me strange unknown readings. I get a line chart that draws a line on a 40 degree angle downwards. I have numerical values in the repeating fields as: 80 95 106 114 128 136 144 157 Not sure if List ( RepeatingField ) is adding all the values together?
  13. I found if i format a chart by using a repeating field, the chart only ever seems to display the first repeating field value. Is there a way to chart the entire repeating field values?
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