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  1. Oh. Well, don't you think there should be? Actually I found out that you can create a script to go to last after performing find. cheers
  2. Hi - hope I am posting this in the right place. What is the keyboard shortcut for go to last record in found set? (FM10) thanks
  3. So non-Server FM10 will work with Windows 7 64 bit?
  4. Yes, we do. It's a requirement.
  5. I have Dacons MailIt but I'd love to be able to EM from FP7. Oh vell
  6. Bummer. That's the case with FP8 too, eh?
  7. mark gorney

    HTML e-mail?

    Hi, I'm completely new to this forum so if I'm posting in the wrong place let me know. As far as I can tell the [Outlook] e-mails that FP7 generates using the FM e-mail script are always in (non-convertible) plain text. Is there any way to have the e-mails come out as HTML? Or is the solution to simply upgrade to FP8? Mark
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