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  1. Well thanks for your input. I wasn't aware of the corruption issue. Maybe I should just be happy I made it for 4 years with no problems. 3 others were accessing the same files for about 4 years with over 8000 records.They would connect with the recent files menu choice. Thanks again.
  2. Hmmm... So it will work on 5 machines as long as you pay for it w/o needing server is what you're saying. I'm still wondering why it worked prior to the re-install.
  3. Well not sure what I have but it worked fine for years before the re-install. The way it worked was that I had FM and the files on one computer and the others accessed those files remotely. I re-installed the software where the files reside. This is the situation I have: (From the help file) FileMaker Pro Network Sharing supports the sharing of files with up to 5 concurrent users. To support more users and other web publishing technologies such as XML, use FileMaker Server Advanced. In case I confused the issue using the term "server" instead of "host", I am not using FM Server soft
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes. They all always used the same key. FM allows up to 5 users with one license.
  5. Hi All I was having sporadic problems with FM 8.5 on windows XP with 4 stations networked, after using it successfully for 4 years, which may or may not have been FM's fault. So I tried reinstalling FM on the main workstation (server) which worked fine, however none of the clients can connect due to "Number of users exceed limit". The number of users didn't change and I can see the server in the connect remote dialog box. It's as if on the UNinstall ( I used the windows REMOVE PROGRAMS) it didn't remove the users (?) and now it thinks there is 8 (?) Any clues? Or is the God's way of say
  6. Comment / Lee You're both absolutely right! (Especially Comment lol) I didn't quite understand the the "precision" part of the calc when using 0. : Thanks for your time.
  7. Hi I think I got it. Round ( Truncate ( Abs (zzDays since receiving - zzElapsedTimeSetUp)/30 ; 1 ) ;0 ) This has a few other things thrown in but basically it's Round ( Truncate ( NumberField ; 1 ) ;0 ) Thanks for the mind field!
  8. Hi Have searched for the answer but can't find. I have a number field that returns a decimal. I would like to round 1.5 and under to 1 and 1.6 and over to 2 etc. I think this should be easy but haven't found the ceiling, floor, round calcs or any combination to work. Thanks so much! Note: Using XP 8.5 Advanced (at work)
  9. Thanks everyone for the help. I have to jump off this project for now but will try implementing the solutions when I return to it. I'll let you know the result. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Hope this is in the correct forum. Please excuse if not. I have a table with a field "Date Received". These records span several years. I want to know how many days have passed from one Date recieved to another. In other words Clients send in jobs to be processed. I record the date. I want to know how long between shipments. Thanks in advance. You guys always are a help. PS This is on XP w/8.5 Advanced.
  11. No Problem. I get the date from one of the records so there would always be at least one. But I do see what you mean. Thanks for the thorough answer. BTW, on efficiency: An efficiency expert, concluded his lecture with a note of caution. "You need to be careful about trying these techniques at home. " "Why?" asked somebody from the audience. "I watched my wife`s routine at breakfast for years," he explained. "She made lots of trips between the refrigerator, stove, table and cabinets, often carrying a single item at a time. One day I told her, `Why don`t you try carrying several th
  12. Thanks LaRetta In setting up the script I ran into a snag with the SetField calc. I get an "operator expected here" right after the 1st instance of my date field. Table = Processing Date Field = B_Date Received This is what I have... Processing::_Date Received[color:red](operator expected here); Let ( date = Processing::_Date Received - DayOfWeek (Processing::_Date Received ) + 2 ; date & ".." & date +4 ) Did I miss (mess) something? (Also for clarity for future readers I added a "." to the "..")
  13. Hi I have a "recDate" date field. If I know a specific date how would I go about finding the records that are in the week containing THAT date in a script? So if I know 6-24-09, I would like to find 6-22-09...6-26-09 (mon-fri). Thanks in advance. You guys are great! PS: I am at work on XP and FM 8.5 Advanced
  14. Hi All I have 2 different scripts that use 2 different layouts with 2 different custom dialog boxes. Was wondering if there is a way to specify where the dialog boxes open on the screen in the script. If I manually move it during one script it also opens in that position when other script is run. Thanks and I hope this is the right forum. All you guys/gals are always much help. For this post I am working with FM 8.5 Advanced on XP
  15. Thanks for the clarification and layout idea. :thumbup:
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