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  1. LelandLong, Søren Dyhr, Thanks for all your help so far. I'm overwhelmed, but I think I have some perspective, now that I see how "not-simple" my little project really is apparently. I think I'm going to take a step back and start over yet again, for the 700th time, but this time with planning for data entry early on. This is actually the first thing I've done with Filemaker, and I am working on about at least 20 other things at the same time as this. I wanted to post something here so you guys wouldn't think I've died off. True, I'm overwhelmed, but it's true too that I'v
  2. Thank you for the reply! I'll respond to your questions one by one... 1) Can the [Join] & [Checks] tables be combined? They seem to be tied together in the analysis I tried that among many other structures, but assumed that I could not do it. Here is why: Tables [Join] and [Checks] can't be combined, because doing so would cause there to be one check for each production record. In reality one check (stub) has many production records on it. Again, everything starts with the amount of gas that a well produces, specifically, the value of [Mcfs].[Mcf] associated with [Join].[McfId].
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm really relieved to get your help! I've structured the relationships as I have because it is THE ONLY WAY that would (1) enable me to provide layouts with certain portals that I have to have and (2) prevent many to many relationships. I've restructured the tables and relationships a jillion times. Believe me. I'm sure that the way I've got the tables setup now is the only way. I shudder to think of touching the relationships. I will if I have to though. I defer to your recommendation! In other words, HELP!! I think I've figured out a way to do the data entry.
  4. I've got a database with five parent tables, three of which you can write to via their relationships, two of which you can't write to via their relationships. Some of the child tables can't be written to either. I've setup the relationships in such a way, so as to maintain data integrity. Here is the relationship graph. New records have to be created on a monthly basis. The two tables [Wells] and [Owners] will rarely change, so all of the new records will be created in the three tables that join them, specifically, tables [Production], [Join], and [Checks]. What I need help wi
  5. I've got a layout I use to create (and print out) checks. It's simply a layout with a series of edit boxes and a portal on it. One of the edit boxes on this "checks" layout provides the amount. The whole layout works great, but I've got one little problem. I want the layout to generate a record only when the value in the [Amount] field reaches a certain value. How? I would make the [Amount] field a calculated field in some way. Right? I'm really in the dark as to how to go about this. Please help. Thanks, -Dave
  6. I think I want to use the Set Field script step. Here is what I want to do. It's really very simple. I've got table [Join], which has the following fields: [WellId] [OwnerId] [interestId] [interestType] [ProductionMonth] [Year] In a related table, [Owners], are the following fields: [GasPrice] [TaxRate] In another related table, [Wells], is field [McfId] My layout, "Data Entry," is based on table [Join]. I have value lists to populate all of the fields, and that works great, but I need to automate... (rhyme not intentional ) Here is what I want to do wi
  7. Here is my relationship diagram. My problem is that I can't add records to fields whose relationships are set to allow records to be added to the "many" side only, but not to the one side. All of the relationships in the database are set up so that records can be added to tables on both sides with the exception of those whose "1" side would never change. Specifically, refer to table [interestTypes] (at left in diagram ). There will never be more interest types, so the relationship between table [interestTypes] and [interests] is set so that records CAN be added to table [inter
  8. How can I script converting a number, like 104.39, to "one hundred four and 39/100 dollars" ? Thanks, -Dave
  9. If I make a Filemaker 8 or Mobile database, can it be made to work on the following handheld computer? Assume that I own the necessary hardware, software, and have the necessary configuration. NEC MobilePro 900c Operating System: Windows CE.NET 4.2 Database: SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition (SQL Server CE version 2.0) Please refer to these two addresses. Windows CE.NET 4.2: http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/prevver/ce.net/prodovwce.net/default.aspx SQL Server CE 2.0: http://msdn.microsoft.com/sql/2000/SQLCE/default.aspx
  10. Please refer to my relationship diagram. I'll just talk about one field whose records I want to repeat. If I can make one work, then I'm Rn my way. refer to the upper left-most table, specifically the Well field, or in Filemaker speak, "[Wells].[Well]" and to the second table from the left, specifically [Royalties].[OwnerId]. The [Wells].[Well] field should appear as many times as the related field [Royalties][.[OwnerId] equals a given number, say "1." Next I want to limit records to those created today or since a certain date, but I'll worry about that later. I've made
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