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  1. I created the starter solution "Home Contact Management". I then I created the starter solution "Business Time Billing". I then copied all the fields from Time Billing and pasted them into the Contact Management. I then copied the Layout and pasted it to a New layout. When I look at the Time Billing layout all the fields say "" Is there an easy way to fix this or can someone explain the proper way to add these 2 starter solutions together? Thanks Ben
  2. I loaded an HTML file in to the web viewer and it displays screenplay formated text properly. When I copy and paste the text into a "Text Field" I am losing all my formating. Is there a way to get the text field to respect the HTML formating or is there another way to do this? I want to be able to use just a part of the HTML text and associate it with different records. Thanks Ben
  3. Found another post asking this and this is what I used to load a local file: "file://localhost/bilks.html"
  4. How can I tell FMP to Load a Local .html file into the webviewer? I could have sworn I saw a tutorial on this somewhere on the web or in a book, but I can't seem to figure this out. Thanks Ben
  5. I was able to use GetNthRecord(YourField; Get(RecordNumber) - 1) Im curious why I don't see the GetNthRecord in the List of Get commands? One last thing, I noticed that if I use the above as a Calculation field, if the data changes on the previous record, it does not auto update. Is there a way to force a rerun of the calculation. Thx Much
  6. I was wondering how I could create a calculation that references data from a field but from a different record. So if I had a field "weight", I would like to create a calculation that would show the Delta between the current amount and the previous records weight data. So if weight were 10 in record 1 and 20 in record 2.. I need to understand how to tell FMP that I want to operate on different records. The expression would look something like this: Weight (current record) - Weight (Current record -1)= How do I express this in FMP?
  7. I have tried many times to figure out a good way to adjust the space of the border around a text field. I dislike that there is only 1 pixel space between the border and the text when the text is left Justified. I would also like to add more space to the top and bottom of the text. Any suggestions on how to add more space? Thx
  8. Ah, seems one needs to set that to nothing. Not the most intuitive. Thanks Much.
  9. Hi All here is my issue. I have a script that inserts the current time into a field. The script works fine, BUT filemaker leaves the blinking cursor in this field. I just want the value inserted without filemaker putting the cursor into this field. Is there a script step that can avoid this situation? Hopefully this is a super simple fix. Thx
  10. I have set up a database to keep track of my workouts. I have a calculation field (( reps*weight)+(rep1*weight1) etc..) that determines the total weight lifted and is part of that record. The goal I want to acheieve is to be able to reference this field from a prior record to comapre it to the current record and calculate a percent change. The problem is I don't know how to write a calculation that references that calculation field for a specific record. Any suggestions are apprechated. Thanks Ben
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