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  1. Yep, that seems to be the reason, which makes sense in a way. But I was hoping that the behaviour would be more along the lines of the passwords: once you have a file open with master access, other files that are part of the solution are automatically opened / accessed with the same privs, without me having to key them in. But thanks for thinking along. And when I said: it fails, I meant to say: no set field happens, I get an error message that I am not authorised to set the field. Which is correct from the standpoint of the privs for the normal user, but in my perception, that was
  2. Has any of you had experience with the data separation model in FMA 8.5? I have a data file with multiple tables and a file that is my user interface. It has no data of its own, all of the TOs refer to tables in the data file. From the user interface, I want to set a value in the data file. And I want to do this via a script that runs on full access privileges. However, it fails. From the security standpoint this may make sense. But how do I work around this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. Thanks for that info, Stephen. I have set up a server here as a test for FM8, wil have to dive into all the specifics of it yet...
  4. Hi all, I do not have Server 8 up and running here, but what surprises me is the remark somewhere that files need to be set to multi user (sharing on) before putting them on server. This was something that was no longer required since version 6, I believe and I cannot imagine that option being dropped in 8. From the maintenance point of view, it can be a little tricky to have the files set to sharing. If, for some reason, you have to do some work on the files that requires closing them on server, I do not want the files to be on sharing. Sometimes, depending on your situation, within mi
  5. If the file is big, performing a find can take some time. Why not create a relationship on the basis of a global that contains the concatenated entry values on one side, and the calculated concatenation of the real values in the file on the other side? If the relationship turns out to be valid, the value is not unique and a new record does not have to be created. You would be well advised to handle the data-entry with scripting, globals an variables: it gives you more control. You would have a confirm button on the data entry screen, that triggers the script. Users MUST click it to l
  6. The question is not: what does it do now, and is there a pattern or not. The question is: would there be a way to let users decide which percentage they want to have to fit their needs. I have personally always detested the weird behaviour of Filemaker where text is concerned and I know for a fact that the text-engine still has not changed much. Which is not to say that we have to accept that. I bet I am not the only one requesting this feature.
  7. I am not sure whether this is the best subject to ask my question? A user just asked me why it is possible to use the zoom controls in 25% steps when zooming out, and only 50% steps when zooming in. I had no idea but I know it is not possible. Now, customised zooming would definitely be on my list of future features, but in the meantime: is there any tool out there, a plug-in of some kind, that could help me with that?
  8. I will try to explain... The local file are calculations of prices for projects my company does. The server file can be described as a product component catalogue, from which the project is assembled. ad 1: what the relationships show is not the issue. What is the issue is that users pick from the choices offered in the portals and I would like for them to see their choices highlighted. ad 2: The selection/filtering is used to lead the user to a valid unique product component. There are different varieties of components, but at the end of the selection process, only one uniq
  9. FEEL LIKE BEING CREATIVE? YOU CAN HELP ME!!! I am not sure this title covers my question, but let me give it a try. My file setup consists of a server part and a part that users have locally on their own computer, as many times as they have projects. The local file uses the data that are kept on server. When users make their selection from these data, they do so via 8 portals. Each choice filters the available choices in the next portal. I have two questions, hoping for solutions / alternatives that i am overlooking. NOTE: I do NOT use plug ins (not allowed to due to
  10. Windows is not very 'resize' friendly. On the Mac this is easy. Nothing much you can do about that, I believe?
  11. SOLVED IT! I suddenly remembered that with another program updater (not Filemaker), I ran into trouble because the updater was not on the C disk. I put it there just now, and everything has been properly installed. Not sure it is the C/D disk stuffing it up, it could be that the directory containing the updater was 'too deep' in terms of the directory structure. Anyway, problem solved!
  12. Not yet. But seems unlikely to me, as both machines are in the office and have the same set-up. Why would that be different per machine?
  13. Done all that, Wim. No idea what causes this, particularly because I installed in the exact same manner on the laptop and it never gave me any hardship. Suggestions?
  14. I am reposting this problem. I had no replies in the previous posting. Maybe now? FMA8 updater v2 tells me that it cannot find a file called "Filemaker pro 8 advanced.msi". I checked, it is in the same folder as the other updater stuff. I have no way of browsing and indicating it manually. What am i doing wrong? Anybody?
  15. Okay, I hardly ever use them, let me give it a try and forget about this. After all, in the end we all love Filemaker and want to get better, amongst other things through this forum. :)
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