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  1. Apologies, I was a bit vague in my question. However tks to everyone for their input including Barbara and her date filter tip, and Peterthegreat tks again
  2. Excellent, I'll give this a go now... Will let you know how it goes. Tks for your help
  3. Tks for your input - It mustn't be a report, it needs to be a calculation field...
  4. Good Day, I have a telephone database which I import a text file into, this contains all the calls made in our company month to month. I require a calculation that allows me to list the numbers dialled, then next to each number it must tell me how many times that number has been dialled by different extensions. Ie: Number dialled / Times dialled by different ext 0215485896 / 1 0218963569 / 40 This would make it easier for me to tell whether the call was work related or private. Thanks in advance Shaun
  5. Good Day, When using the Insert File script step (store reference only, specify source file unticked), is there anyway to force Filemaker to open the dialogue box in a particular folder, so that users do not have to browse for the folder required. What determines the active folder, Filemaker or Windows? Tks in advance. Shaun
  6. Good Day, We have approx 50 users running FM 10 Pro and a server running FM Server 10 Advanced. Users are experiencing a general slowdown when printing from FM. The print setup screen will appear 30 seconds to a minute after clicking the print button. Thereafter there can be a delay for up to another minute before the print job finishes. What could be causing delays such as these? All clients have the lastest updates for FM. I have done a virus sweep of the entire network, with nothing coming up. Tks in advance for your advice. Shaun
  7. Good Day, I need some assistance with getting an exported CSV file (from filemaker) into a fixed width flat file. The character length of the file must be 329 characters. Blanks in the csv file need to be filled in with spaces when converting. Can anyone recommend any software that can provide this functionality? Tks in advance Shaun
  8. Tks for your input. Could you give a brief description on how this function works if I wanted to disable certain toolbar functions. tks Shaun
  9. Good Day, We are running Filemaker Server 10 and FM Pro 10 for the clients. Is there a way to disable the windows toolbar along the top (the one that lists the currently open databases). Or at the very least disable switching between the listed databases under the windows tab. Some users are using this list to switch between databases instead of the buttons provided on the actual layout. Tks in advance Shaun
  10. Hi, I have a field in Filemaker populated by multiple email addresses, one below the other, in other words separated by the return key. I need to export these email addresses into excel and each address must be in it's own cell. I've had no luck attempting this so far. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, Say I have run a search and x number of records appears in a list view, the status bar is hidden from the user. How do I create a box that displays the number of records found? thanks Shaun
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