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  1. thank you for clearing things up for me... do you know if this is anything FM is working on for the future?
  2. ok... could this be done in thunderbird or outlook perhaps? i figure i set up an client that all my fm mails goes through and then lets that client always have a banner on top of every mail. could that be a solution?
  3. hi! Im constructing an automated email function for my FM database. The idea is that it´s going to get the adresses from one field, and the content, subject, names and so on, from another. This will basicly construct the email so that it is ready to send. What i want to do now (as a finishing touch) is just to put an image as an topbar/banner on the mail, just to make it look prettier. It has no other function than estetic. How do i manage this? I´ve experimented with container fields that i upload images to, but it doesn´t work? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hi again! Im on my way to complete my product database and as a final thought I figured that I wanted to tagg the products, in order to easier index them when I link my database with my webpage. The general ideas is as follows. Every product is going to have a general tag; such as "pants" or "shirts", and then one or more specific taggs - for "shirts" that might be "short sleeved", "striped" or "button down collar" etc. For this I have 2 databases: "Products" and "Taggs" that i have linked together with general_tagg and specific_tagg. What i want to do is for the databas
  5. thank you for trying to answer, i will try to expand my question a little. what im trying to do is to set up a similar customer - product database; "customer" corresponds with "contact" and "products" with "organizations". i should have explained that from the get-go sorry... the idea here is that the products will show up with each customer - in that table. i guess a customer could by more than one of the same products so lets build it from there! if that happens i guess the best way to solve it would be to introduce a counter next to the product? i guess this coul
  6. hi! im having somewhat of a simmilar problem and was wondering if you could help me move on? im going to reference til join_demo file since this is kinda what i want to do. lets say i wanted to enter more parameters into my organization table, as an cost-field. the cost of the "delta" organization might be X dollars. how do i do with the relations to get this show up in the relations table in contacts? and can i also get it so sum up all the costs in a special field next to the contact? lets for example say adam affiliats with both the alpha and delta organizations. the individu
  7. tnx sören, seems to be right... ill check it out tomorrow and let you guys know how it turned out.
  8. would you know... sweden, self proclaimed communicationcapital of the world, does not seem to have any form of support for this type of service?!? i have been on hte phone with different phonecompanies all day today, and non has hade any clue as to what im talking about... amazing... i just had a small question for though; now, when u say "if they were a Verizon user" i pressume that it is the employee you are refering to? not my internet provider - right?
  9. Thank you! That is awesome! The thing i really wanted to know was if it at all was possible, and according to you it is? Could you (or someone else) please provide me with some sample code just to show me what a "Send text message" button would look like? - is it just the regular send email code but to a specific SMS mail? If so, there would be no problems for me to write something like "Hi "$name"! This update... " to be albbe to switch names right? Im located in Sweden and will defenetly look into the diffrent providers to se what kind of different alternativs is awailable. If the
  10. Hi! I want to notify people in my database by sending them an text message (SMS) to their phone when something relevant is updated. For instace if a customer changes phonenumber my sales force will get an instant message to thier phone with the name if the customer and the updated phonenumber. I know how to do this using e-mails, now i just want to know if its possible to do the samething with textmessages? Little help plz; is it even possible? Tnx!
  11. Hi! Is there anyway to exclude parameters in a search. Lets say I want to extract all records in a database that are "members" of a boatclub, but in that search I want to exclude all members that have already payed there membersfee? In this sence I would be left with all who need a reminder to pay their fees! regards nils
  12. First off: Marry X-mas to all FM users! But the joy of the season last just as long as work is out... Anyhow, heres my troubles: Im sending emails using name as a variable, such as; "Hi " & $first_name & ", text text text..." What i want is to incorperate a picture on top of the email. As of right now i have a textfield generating the text with the name vaiable, and a containerfield with the pic. Im then trying to combine them when sending the email by letting the messagefield read; mailprogram::mail_output & mailprogram::mail_text but to no luck...
  13. hi when im searching for emails in my database the ones that doesn´t exist results in a notification "record doesnt exist". is there anyway to add them to my database? if my search results in a record that doesnt exist cant i simply just have it added as a new record?
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