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  1. Our rapidly growing department (Informatics group of the Cancer Center at UCLA) has recently inherited 11 FileMaker databases (client-server, versions 5.5 and 9) for which we have varied amounts of documentation and knowledge. We need someone to help us do some troubleshooting and development, as well as assess the implications of and make recommendations regarding upgrades for the older versions. This is a limited appointment (3-6 months) with the possibility to roll-over into a full-time position for those with more a more robust development skill set (LAMP, Ruby, Python, XML, HTML, etc
  2. Yes I'm aware of how outdated my version is but we are not upgrading right now as we are actually moving away from FileMaker. And, I'm not complaining only looking for guidance! It does seem however that putting shortcuts works as that is what I just did and it made the files available.
  3. I believe FM server looks in the FM Server 5.5 directory. The problem with this is this directory is located on the C drive, which is a very small partition. I noticed there was a shortcut to the directory on the D drive that was holding all of the previously hosted files. Does putting a shortcut in that directory make the folders within the target available to be hosted?
  4. I'm trying to organize my hosted FM 5.5 files into subfolders. FM server should host everything in the FM server folder and one level of sub folders down. This is an inherited and poorly documented db and so I have limited info as to configuration changes. However, it seems that what I thought was the main FM server folder is itself already a sub folder as FM server will not open sub folders within that directory but it will open fp5 files. The problem is the directory in question appears to be the main directory but it also appears to be a partition on the server. How can I find out ther
  5. I solved this. I'm using a menu file, which is solely globals for navigation control. This file had zero records, which was causing the problem. I created a dummy record and all is well!
  6. I'm sure I'm missing something basic. I have this exact set-up in one file that is working perfectly but, for some reason, am having problems in another. I have a field in a portal row which is defined as a button (basically go to related for further detail). For some reason, the button won't click. I thought it had to be something with the layout layers but even when I have brought the field in question to the front, I still can't click. If I take the field/button out of the portal, it works fine (other than the fact that it's not in the portal so I can only ever access the first re
  7. Wow. Sorry if I was wrong to split my two posts. To me, they seemed like two totally different questions.
  8. I simply want to visually set apart data which is problematic from data that is not. Basically, I am creating a layout which will have a bunch of fields that need to be reviewed on it. I will be displaying this over a projector. I would like, on a per record basis, to highlight fields that are "invalid" for one reason or another. So each field will have a corresponding calc field checking for validity. For those records where particular fields are flagged as invalid, I would like the offending data to be highlighted. I think this means I need two different display fields for ea
  9. I'm sorry. I must not have been clear. I only want the field to look different in some of the records (i.e. those where the data value is problematic). I think I need to use a portal of some sort to show and hide fields...
  10. I am doing an extensive data cleaning project with some end users. For one of the meetings that we are having, I would like to deisgn a layout where the potentially probelmatic fields are highlighted in some manner. My idea is to create a corresponding calc field for each field, which has a value of 0 or 1 based on whether the contents of the test field are considered valid. How can I set-up a layout so that the problematic fields look visually different (i.e. different text or bg color)? Thanks in advance! Courtney
  11. So what is a good way to test for ANY non-numeric data in a numeric field?
  12. I have a calculation field defined as: If( not IsEmpty(x),If( IsValid(x), 1, 0),1) Field x is defined to be "strcict data type" numeric only. However, when field x = "15/yr" or "10-15" the calc field is resulting in 1. Shouldn't IsValid return false in that case? Thanks in advance! Courtney
  13. What types of things should I take into account when deciding between hard coding the values for a value list versus creating an actual table that holds the values that I want to populate the value list with? What are the performace issues? Also, how will one choice over the other effect my ability to sort in particular orders based on the contents of the field? I'm on 5.5 if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  14. I'm sorry I should have been more clear. I recognize the difference between field types. I guess what I am asking is why would I ever want to store the field that the person used to lookup? For example, I want to associate a doctor with a study, so i am going to store the PersonID for the doctor as a foriegn key in the study table. Onviously, my user will need to look the doctor up by name, as they don't know the key value. But I don't want to hardcode the name in the study. I want it to change if the doc's name changes (i.e. they get married). So it seems to me in that situation I
  15. I have been out of FM development for a few years and now that I'm back, I seem to have forgotten some very basic things. (I guess that happens when you switch to MySQL and PHP for awhile!) Should I use a global text field to allow a user to select the row from the lookup table? I only want to store the foriegn key in the master table.
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