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  1. It is hosted, we have a different staff member that deals with the Server-side of things (I wish they'd let me). The file has closed unexpectedly a few times. Usually, this is involved in the printing. This doesn't make me happy at all, but thanks for the help. What steps can I take to clean things up?
  2. Hey there, I'm running FileMaker Pro 8.0v1. I've got a database of products that I've been maintaining for some time now. Each product is linked from an Item Master (IM) layout to ingredients, qualities, display layouts, etc. by a primary key. Lately, with one item, the IM data has stopped appearing. When I search the IM layout for the primary key (or any other piece of data related to this item), the fields displayed on one record appear empty and cannot be edited. I can't even see data in the field that I searched to find the record. Looking at a field linked to this record from any othe
  3. That sounds like the exact problem here. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. It seems the problem is that FileMaker no longer stores/cares about the page size each user picks after they hit the OK button in the Page Setup dialogue. I'm currently in preview mode, trying to change it and every page size I choose reverts to 8.5 x 11. Any help is still much appreciated.
  5. No such luck, I guess it's time to re-build. Thanks for the idea though.
  6. Hello, I have a database of tracked product history that I'm trying to make printable. For some reason, the printing of this specific file is not working properly. I'm printing on a Xerox printer with multiple paper sizes and such and despite the fact that I've done everything I can think of to ensure that I'm telling FileMaker to print on 8.55"x11" (checking that print setup contains the proper page size both before and after printing), it prints on a different page size, 11"x16", which I don't enjoy wasting. I was wondering if anybody has encountered this type of problem/knows what to do
  7. Alright, I have a little better understanding of subsummaries, but I don't quite understand how to implement the printing from the related table will condense the number of pages I use. I'm working on a sample of this database so you can see my problem
  8. I'm sorry to say that Sub-Summaries still baffle me. My FM freezes whenever I search the help So that's just a different problem. Would I put a subsummary after every category, and if so what do I sort it by? I'm gonna start looking into them more, but if it's simple and explainable, feel free to give me a hand. Thanks, Michael
  9. Hi all, My problem now is as follows: I have a database up and running that is filled with products (so I can't post it due to privacy issues). My company needs to print out the Specifications of these products in order to send to customers. I just can't make a layout that I feel comfortable actually presenting to customers due to the amount of white space I'm creating. Each product has 9 categories, brought in through portals. Each of these categories contains between 8-15 fields. I need to make a layout that prints properly if every single field is filled (worst-case scenario),
  10. Just out of curiosity, how many layouts do you have?
  11. If you ever create more than 44 (not positive on the number) layouts, the drop-down menu for them adds gets scrolling arrows to the top and bottom
  12. Yes, sorry Ender, I forgot to give thanks for your help, your solution was most useful to me.
  13. Ender, Yeah, I realize that it's pretty vague what I'm doing here (I try not to be so vague, but the entire loop is quite lengthy and my question's just referring to my looping method, I'm content with it's contents). This is just a general loop that I've been using to make changes to fields in all found records. It generally just contains Set Fields. As a programmer, I was just interested to see if there's a more effective way to do this. And thanks for the Get hint. I always look over how many things that function can handle. Thanks! Edit: And yes, the two layouts are rel
  14. Hey all you FileMaker...ers Is there a more efficient way to loop through found records than the following: Go to Layout [Layout1(Layout1)] Set Variable [$ItemNum;Value:Layout1::Item Number] Go to Layout [Layout2(Layout2)] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Layout2::Item Number;$ItemNum] Go To Record [Last] Set Variable [$LastLot = Layout2::Lot Number] Loop . . . Exit Loop If [$LastLot; Value:Layout2::Lot Number] End Loop Either that or is there a way for the script to find out how many records were found? Thanks a lot, M
  15. I'm still pretty new to this, so I'd hope comment comes back with something better, but Fields: ExpireDate - a calculation field (of type date) that evaluates to StartDate+183 (avg length of six months) CurrentDate - a date field, insert the current date in there (just to start out) DiffDate - a calculation field (of type date) that evaluates to CurrentDate - ExpireDate make a script Insert Current Date [CurrentDate] Enter Find Mode[] Set Field [DifDate; >121 <183] Perform Find[] This should find all records with a CurrentDate - ExpireDate value of between 12
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