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  1. I am trying to log when a change happen on drop down value list. i have in the list Current, Withdrawn, Graduate, incomplete. i only want to log when the value list for the drop menu get change to Withdrawn, i was able to get it to work for all of the value list when the change but no the withdrawn one. i am using FM 6.0 on mac os X. any help would be appreciate it. Thank you victor
  2. Hello, wondering if someone can help me with this. i am running FM 6 pro on a mac. here is my problem, i am trying to find the total of hours a student has done for each subject. There are break down T for Technique, A for Anatomy . This is where it gets complicate a little bit because the subjects go from T1 through T25. Each Subject get assign specific amount of hours. So i want to know what the total hours are for all T (Techiniques) and Anatomy. i thought of doing a case to fine all T and A. i am not sure where to start. any help would be appreciate it thank y
  3. Hello, i was wondering someone can help me with this. basically i have date calc that count how many days has pass since the student have being withdrawn and when a refund need to mail. i am able to count the days but i am trying to figure out how to stop counting the day after certain date. this is how my calc look for the outstanding days Today- StudentWithDrawDate Since i know date the refund is mail, i was wondering if i can use that to stop the counting. i basically want to know how many days took for the student to get the refund. i am using filemaker pro
  4. Hello, i was wondering if someone can help me with this. let say i have 20 records which i want to duplicate all at once. is there a way to do this using script?. i am using FM 6.0. any help would be appreciate it. thank you victor
  5. Hello, i was wondering if someone can help me out with this. basically i want to get total all percentage of all the program by status. if you look at the example file i have include you will see what i am trying to do. i am using FM 6. databasereport.fp5.zip
  6. agtjazz, is there way to do that in FM 6.0? i am running version 6.0
  7. agtjazz, thank for you help. that calc just me give a total of hours. i am looking for the total of student who need make up hours. Let's say, i have 20 student attending a class. i want to know, out of the 20 students how many need to do make up. i am looking for the count of student who need make up. Thank you victor
  8. Hello, i newbie when it come to calc. I have DB of Student which i track Attendance, how many they miss, how many hours they need to make up, hours made up already. I need to figure way to find out how many student need make up. let's say i have 24 students, out of those 24 how many need make up? i can tell how many hours they miss, and how many hours they need. i was thinking of using how many hours they need to figure out who need make up. here is example james smith, Total hours miss: 21 Total hours made up: 7 Total hours Need:14 base on the hours need, how can
  9. Hello, i was wondering if someone can help me with this. i am trying to get percentage of a field in sub-summary report that i have. Basically i have this. i have a DB that track students, each student has the statuses of either, Pending, Applied, Enrolled, NonStart, Inact. I wanted to find the percentage for each of this status. i have included a screen shot to see what i mean, i want to know how i can find percentage of number 12 student that have the status applied.
  10. Hello, i was wondernig if someone can help me out with this. one of our database crash yesterday. Today i was checking the event log to see what happen i notice this error: Jul 13 09:57:14 fm-server.local INFO: Closing file "Students Database" due to serious error. (10204). i check at filemaker.com to see if it happen to someone before. any help would be appreciate it. thanks victor
  11. it seen to be working now after i reboot it the server. thanks. victor
  12. George, i being getting that error in the mac OS X server running tiger and i wonder if that is the cause of one of the issue we are having. One of our Database crash and i had to recover but it doesn't happen all the time. i am wondering if not having the dns server set u properly might be the cause. victor
  13. Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me. We are running FM 5.5 Server on Mac os X Server Tiger. it seen that is not logging at all unless is logging to another folder that i dont know of. is there a way to check where FM Server 5.5 is logging the events? the reason i want to check is because one of our database today crash and i need more information on the cause. i was able to recover it but this is the second time that this happen. Thank you victor
  14. Thanks for the help. I will change at the server using the client software I have install. I usually make changes to the DB before employees come in to work in the morning.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me with this. i created a relationship between Databases, one is call Student Files and second one is call Event Schedule. Basically student are assign to events being input at the Event Schedule, which get display at Student Files DB. I am running Mac os X Server with FM 5.5v4. This used to work fine until the Event Schedule started having some issue where it wouldn't let anyone add schedule to it. I did check on the DB's,there was some problems. I end up doing a recover of it. It is working now but it seen the relationship between both
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