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  1. Sorry for the late response rwoods, comment. I couldn't get the solution rwoods suggested to work, then my urgent need to get it to work was no longer urgent. rwoods, your sample was helpful, but as comment suspected, my need for this is definitely due to an inadequate data structure. Now that I've got more time, I'll try to plan it better. In terms of real world application, I was trying to create a database that would help me compare the contents of two EDLs (list of shots and timecodes that tells a system how to compile a timeline) and show me the differences. Once I reb
  2. Sorry comment, hopefully this is more clear... I have a layout with a portal. Within the portal there may be many related entries. What I want to do is filter that portal so that it only show the records where newA = oldA, if there are no records matching this condition then it should show the records where newB = oldB, then newC = oldC, then newD = oldD and if none of those conditions are true, it should show no records in the portal. The issue I'm running into is I want it to stop checking if the it finds a condition that is matched, but FM doesn't seem to be doing that with
  3. Wow, thanks for such a quick and thorough response rwoods. I didn't realise it was so complicated, but I'm pretty sure I understood what you wrote. Thanks again!
  4. Hi All, I am trying to filter a portal using case to display records matching only one condition (the first it match going down), but it looks like the filter is taking into consideration all the options and displaying related records that match any of the conditions. EG: Case ( newA = oldA ; 1 ; newB = oldB ; 1 ; newC = oldC ; 1 ; newD = oldD ; 1 ; 0) I thought the filter would work by only showing me the records that matched the first matched condition, but instead it's showing records that match any of the conditions. EG: if I had a record that
  5. Hi All, Sorry if the title is a bit confusing, I wasn't sure how to explain it. Basically I've got a layout that contains a portal to another table. abc0198_cpa_v002 and xyz0570_cpa_v0008 are the link to the other table (linked to the table by the first 6 characters) the problem I have is when I export this I get the following in Excel. I was hoping that the empty fields beneath abc0198_cpa_v002 would be filled with abc0198_cpa_v002. I can get it to work by going to the related table, searching for those records (abc0198 & xyz0570), but I will fall into the
  6. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction comment. I didn't realise it would be this complicated.
  7. Hey Guys , I've been going crazy trying to get this work, but just don't know what I'm doing wrong... This is the xml exported from FM Pro v14 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmlresult"> <ERRORCODE>0</ERRORCODE> <PRODUCT BUILD="10-26-2015" NAME="FileMaker" VERSION="ProAdvanced 14.0.4" /> <DATABASE DATEFORMAT="D/m/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="TEST_v02.fmp12" RECORDS="2749" TIMEFORMAT="h:mm:ss a" /> <METADATA> <FIELD EMPTYOK="YES" MAXREPEAT="1" NAME="Shot" TYPE="TEXT" />
  8. Hi All, I created a calculation that resulted in a container image (see below). This is allows me to add/update images without doing anything in Filemaker. "imagemac:images/" & S_shot & ".png" This works perfectly on the my Mac, but doesn't work on FM go. The only way I could get the images to work in FM go was to import the images on a shot by shot basis. I imagine a script could be written to do this, but before doing so, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to make the calculation work. Any ideas?
  9. Hey all, Does anyone know if there is a way to set up FM so that the modification date can be overriden? IE: I have a field that is set to auto-enter the modification date. Sometimes a change is made and then undone so I would like to be able to manually change this date. The field should still auto-update when the record is next modified. any suggestions? Forgot to mention I'm using FM11.
  10. sorry - still remember the term from Access days. I'll give it a go and let you know how I go. thanks
  11. thanks for the response Lee, I have actually looked at a couple of the audit ones, but they actually create logs based on changes. what I want to do is: Create Record Tape 001 (watch tape) everytime I see an error (eg visual glitch) I want to insert a record of that error. so in a way, I want to able to create multiple records with in a record. Thinking about it, does this sound like it might work? 1.Create database 1 - Tapes 2.Create database 2 - errors 3.Relate tapes (one) to errors (many) 4.create a errors field in the errors database 5.insert that
  12. hey guys, couldn't find a search term to give me the answers I needed so hopefully this is new. I am trying to create a error report page, where you have a column for time code, error and error severity. My problem is that, because the amount of errors will vary, I don't want to create a table with a preset amount of rows. I have seen databases where you could hit a button and it would insert a new row for a new 'error' but am not sure about how I should go abouts doing it. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  13. thought it might be more efficient - ie to keep the size of the databases down... I take it FM is much more efficient now? I did try 5.5 a while ago but found it too difficult to learn...
  14. Hi all, had no idea what to search for so again, please let me know if I am repeating stuff... I am trying to create a start page with 'buttons' and the idea is that each button will link to another file. Ideally I would like to run that independent file inside a frame of some sort so it seems like it is still part of the same file and so it makes it easier to return to the start page. One thing to note is that the linked FM files have password protection in them - not sure if this will be an issue or not... is this possible? thx.
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