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  1. Hello All I have an interctive flash animation integrated into an FM container. This works fine but runs very slow and sticks when too many movie symbols are active. There are 11 movie symbols. If I run only one or two there is no problem but if I run more than 6 - even if they are on hold waiting for a play action - the whole animation starts staggering and eventually friezes. Any ideas?
  2. Hella All I have built a portal page which filters my catalogue records and displays them in a portal. It effectively enables to look for items without doing a search. For example; if you choose a "datefrom" and a "dateto" and a "category" (all dropdown global values lists) the portal will only display those related records. The problem is that if someone filters the portal and wants to leave a blank value, the portal returns nothing. This is logical as no records have empty fields. So, I'm rying to devise a way that when one or several criteria are left blank the portal retur
  3. Hello All Has anybody found a way to detect the dreaded lack of SP2 on Windows? I have a runtime application which I'm obliged to distribute with warning messages about the erratic behaviour when SP2 is absent from their system. If Filemaker could detect the presence of SP2, a startup script could be included to warn users of the problem. The runtime simply refusing to run would be preferable to it running with errors! My last nightmare on a Windows SP1 machine was when runtime suddenly decided that the keyboard was AZERTY making it impossible to input data! Shouldn't this func
  4. Thanks for the example. I've studied it carefully and am begining to understand the $ concept - powerful stuff! I'm running your script within my search script (attached below) but the calc only returns the FoundCount not the search criteria. I think this is a problem with my portion of the script, not yours! Do I specify a first field in 'GoToField [select/Perform]' ? Thanks again, I'm getting there I think... EDIT: I just noticed that your script was running AFTER my change of layout. Everything is working fine now. Thanks for the lesson.
  5. Thanks for the reply Copenhagen. The search request is all from one 'Search' layout which is accessed in Find mode. Its actually a normal find with several criteria. My script within the search script is: If ( Product Catalog::Brand > 0 ; "Brand: " & Product Catalog::Brand & ¶ ; "" ) & If ( Product Catalog::Date > 0 ; "Date: " & Product Catalog::Date & ¶ ; "" ) .... etc Should I be using Constrain Found Set instead? Thanks from Paris
  6. Hello All I've been tryng to implement a search summary field that would return: "Results of your search for 'Red' and 'New' and '1999' has returned 299 items" I've tried with a SetField script with calculation which sets a "Search summary" field with contents of the Find window. This returns nothing when run as part of a Find script but runs OK in browse mode. All I need is the values entered by the user in Find mode. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hello All This is a proverbial Newbie question. My database contains 500+ articles all of which have several criteria (simple value list dropdown menus of existing records). One of these is a Year field. I know users can use the "..." to search for a range of years but this is not obvious enough. My prefered solution would be two Year fields, one marked "DateFrom" and the other "DateTo" with dropdown value lists for each. All this in Search mode of course. If anyone could show me the right direction on this that would be great. As a refinement it would b great if the value
  8. Thanks for the reply! Does this mean that FM8A runtime applications can ONLY be run on PCs with SP2? If this is true and most PCS are on SP1 then distributing runtimes seems pointless. I'll start another thread to see if others have had this SP2 problem. Thanks again.
  9. Yes. SP2 is installed on my PC with Windows XP and it works fine. My problem is that I can't be sure that the people running the runtime application have SP2. I assume most do, but I've alredy had a problem on a brand new IBM ThinPad where the runtime returns rubbish or nothing at all. I'm a MacMan so all this is new to me but I would think that a new computer must be running SP2...? Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hello All I have developed an application to be distributed runtime kiosk mode for both Mac and PC. So far so good, both versions work reasonaby even if certain things need modifying for the PC runtime (resize window issues). The application is non modifyable and contains about 500 20Kb JPGs, one for each product. When I generate the runtime kiosk for PC it often seems to run irratically by returning false info of just displaying the the same info regardless of search criteria. This DOES NOT HAPPEN ON ALL PCs! Some work fine and others, often newer, just don't work. The sam
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