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  1. Thank you very much!!! I can't say that, at this time, I totally understand it, but I did manage to implement your solution and it works beautifully for me. Thank you again!
  2. I am very new to FMP, just a home-use type amateur and I could sure use some help here! I created a database to keep track of all documents I have in my computer and paper files. I am a genealogist, researching my family history. The DB has two tables: Ancestor Records has the main fields such as name, dob, etc, and an identifying field, ID#. The other table is Documents and contains only two fields ---- ID# and a container for the actual scan (reference only, not the actual document.) In Ancestor Records, I have created one record for each ancestor. Then, below the basic fields, I create
  3. Comment ........ I AM sorry for the double post. I know better but my innate impatience to figure this all out got the better of me. Again, I’m sorry and I DO appreciate your help. Kathy
  4. T-Square ........Thank you for your help. I will read up on relational databases so that I can better understand the process. Think i’l go pick up a good book on FMP today. Kathy
  5. Thank you very much for your help. I think I can get this figured out now, with your help. Kathy
  6. I created a database with 2 tables. The Ancestor Records table has several fields such as Surname, First Name, ID#, Relationship, etc. Its purpose is to provide me with a list of the documents I have scanned into the computer for each of my ancestors. It also contains a portal with included fields so that I can add to a listing of documents I scan into the computer. The second table, Document Scans, has the same fields as AR (Surname, First Name, etc.) but also has a container field to hold the actual scanned document. A listing of that scan, and all others that pertain to that ancest
  7. Thank you! That is exactly what I meant. Now that I know what it is I need, I have been able to implement it. Now, I have another question, if I may........ I have created a database with two tables. Ancestor Records is the main one with one record for each ancestor. Each time I find a new document to scan in on the ancestor, I would like to click a button to run a script that would switch to the other table, Documents and Scans, create a new record doing a lookup (I think that is the term) from the record in Ancestor Records, and pasting in the info from the fields in AR to the same
  8. Hi Everyone I am pretty new to FMP so please keep that in mind, if you try to offer me any help or suggestions. I am a genealogist and would like to create a database that will help me keep track of documents I possess on each ancestor. Further, I would like to click a button for a particular record that would take me to a table or layout where the actual document is scanned into. To explain a little better, I hope ....... Each record of the database will be for one ancestor and will contain such fields as Name, ID#, birth date, death date, relationship, etc. I can figure out a
  9. Well, thanks. I think that did answer my question and gave me the go-ahead to create these long value lists (although, not as long as yours! Kmac
  10. I am a total newbie when it comes to FMP, but I want to create a database (or set of databases) to keep track of my genealogy research. There would be a main database that would hold all the fields necessary for what I want to keep track of. I’m not sure if I will need to create other databases with relationships back to the main research one OR if Value Lists (editable) in the main research DB will be sufficient. So, my qustion is this: If I create a Value List for a certain field in the main research DB, say, Locality, and enter in about 100 entries, does that have any adverse afff
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