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  1. Thanks, I will check that out. What I have done for now is to use two fields. One contains just the ten digits the 2nd field is a calc field that does this: "(" & Left ( PhoneTestRaw ; 3) & ")" & Middle ( PhoneTestRaw; 4; 3) & "-" & Middle ( PhoneTestRaw; 7; 4) Does the function that you recommend utilize just one field? That would be preferred. AGain, thanks for the SUPER FAST reply!! Steve
  2. I have a field for a phone number that I would like to be formatted for easy viewing. ie; (111) 222-3333 without actually using those characters in the field as this field needs have JUST the digits. The formatting would be for display purposes only while the data is JUST the ten digit phone number. Any ideas? TIA, Steve
  3. Are you trying to have both tables on one layout? Or a link on layout #1 that opens layout#2?
  4. I need to determine if a user entered the DB thru IWP or Remote. I've tried Get(NetworkProtocol)but both return TCP/IP Thanks in advance. Steve
  5. I have a layout that is a list view of lots of records. Web users only get 25 on a page and if the status area is open can click the book for the next group of 25. How can this be done with the Status Area hidden?
  6. Yep. Either admin has to do a port forward to your PC (also requires a static IP, not DHCP) If their WAN uses DSL then it likely does not have a static IP and requires a DDNS setup. OR Setup a VPN, also requires admin support. OR Go with a FM hosting service. Those are all your choices.
  7. The button is fully IWP compliant. I've also found that placement of the button in IWP affects this as well. A button in the body of the layout works, but when I move it to a line within a portal row now it doesn't. Which is really wierd because it WAS working, now it isnt.
  8. I found the problem. In Outlook Express I had to go into Options-> Security-> deselect "Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me". Now it works.
  9. Can the SendMail script step send without prompting? I built a button that sends a preconfigured email message. It works but it prompts the user to confirm. I have set the step to "Perform without Dialog" but when the button is clicked, a window (that appears to be from FM) pops up saying, "A program is attemping to send the follwing email message on your behalf:" Is there a way to perform this entire task without prompting?
  10. >In response to goanna300 > >Get them Macs? > >Sorry, not helpful... I just discovered this forum site...I LOVE it! However, I did notice one thing that I wasn't going to say until I just read this thread... There seems to be more Mac-related FM problems than PC. Especially ironic since FM originated in the Mac world. :)
  11. Yep. Cable modems usually bridge a real public IP to the first device to come up on the LAN side. Most don't require PPPoE, like SBC does. Put a SOHO router behind the cable modem (ie; Linksys) use DDNS to resolve the changing IP on the WAN side, and point either port 80 or 591 to the private IP address of the machine hosting the FM. You can use any available port, but 80 and 591 are considered "standard". Make sure that whatever port you use, that FM IWP is set to the same port (Advanced button in IWP sharing setup) Most cable modems aren't too smart, so after making
  12. I've noticed that sometimes a defined button stops working in IWP. It remains working in the FM application however. So far the only way to get it to work again is to build the button all over again. (Insert -> Button ...) Any ideas?
  13. This is on our agenda as well. My gut is to deploy frames.
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