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  1. Steven, Thanks for replying. None of that really addressed what I was asking though. I was asking about having a Filemaker client on a non-C: partition. I was giving background info by stating it was on the server machine, but it doesn't really play a factor. It could be on a separate machine on a non-C: partition and we would still be having the same problem. In this company's case, there is a need for an FM client version on the server because it is the only one accessible by remote desktop connection for people who need to access it from off location. Has anyone else actually tried thi
  2. Hi, not sure if this is in the right place or not. I'm helping out a company with their FileMaker databases. We have a client version, as well as the server version on the server machine. While the client version was on C: everything was fine and it could see the FM server database files. The IT guy decided that he needed more space on C: so he uninstalled the client version and installed a new client on a shared drive (E:). Now when we run the version on E: it can't see the database files (which are still also on C:). I've tried local, as well as a remote connection but it's just not finding
  3. Hi, I am looking to upgrade a FM8 Server, as well as around 10 client machines (all Windows). I've tried to read through the PDF that comes with the download. Is there anything to be especially careful of when upgrading? Can we install 10 on a separate drive and still leave 8 active while we move things over? What's the easiest way to get the FM8 files into FM10? Any help would be awesome. Thank you.
  4. okay, the IT is out this week and a user needs to be added to the FM Server. he thought he was on but this error message keeps popping up. "the account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file. please try again." it's not the client because other logins work. can anyone help with how to add users to the FM Server? thanks in advance :
  5. I'm writing for the company I work for. The owner needs some help with the server. We have a connection to the FM Server because it is showing the Samples files provided by FM on the server. We can't however, see the main database that we use. It says that the connection is "Closed". If he tries right clicking and Connecting to "All databases" then it says "Checking" for a split second and then goes back to "Closed". He would like to know how to restore the file...just where to begin. Any help? Thanks :(
  6. well...worked around it...had only the main index list get the section number and title and sort by the section number...the other index lists for each section i just got a title and had the section number built into the concatenated string...not very tight...but it'll work. any suggestions are good though if someone thought of any
  7. i'm not quite sure how to set this up... i have fields section number, procedure number, section name, subsection name, and procedure name they want it to be in a drop down like so: sectnumber.procnumber sectname:subsection:procedure they want it sorted by section number... i've tried a couple of things. i have had it all going to one field as a string and then it sorts the numbers like they were text instead of numbers: 1, 11, 3, 4 instead of 1, 3, 4, 11 so then i tried having list get two values...the section number and then the other information...so then the n
  8. okay...i was thinking a portal, too...but wasn't sure. thanks again comment :P
  9. i'm only doing the concatenate because i use it as a drop-down menu that serves as an index of the procedures in the database so they can just select one and jump to it...no way to sort it this way then? any ideas on how to do it differently? he wants all that information to be in there in a drop-down...
  10. well...the field isn't just a number...it concatenates a string from 3 different fields... i have a section#, procedure#, and regarding fields...and they all come together like so... section: 3100 procedure: 3 regarding: color management and then it goes to the index list like: 3100.3 color management thanks for replying comment any ideas?
  11. not sure if this is possible...or maybe it's a really simple answer... i have a drop down that is generated from the values of a field. right now it sorts the numbers...but it goes . 0 1 11 12 2 3 etc. is there a way to make it sort a certain way so that it would go . 0 1 2 3 11 12 etc. thanks :P
  12. Thanks comment...that works perfectly...I see how it is set up with the portal, table, and relationships...Genx before had said it might be more efficient to have it in another FileMaker file? Would your example still work...and how could I do that. Would it slow things up if the pictures were in the same table if I had a couple hundred pictures rather than in another file? Thanks very much for the example file...answers so many questions. If you/anyone has any further advice on file storage/reference...that would be great. :P
  13. Hey guys, thanks for replying... Okay...I'll try to explain a little better...the handbook is set up to view and print procedures, but the pictures do not have to be visible in the print copy (people will read the document and see that they should go back to see the pictures). For just browsing I have a form layout in which there is a text field for the text of the document (which includes text directions and screenshot images to help the reader)...and there are empty spaces in that text where pictures used to be. In the place where pictures should be, they want links to click to ma
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