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  1. Vaughan, I appreciate your offering. But, I don't see this as a fool-proof solution. If they go back to the table of entries and edit an older entry it becomes the "Last" record. Anyway to embed "Last" or "Max" into a Calculation so that it "Gets" child::status of the "Max" record?
  2. Position Title: FMP Advanced/Server/Multi-File Experience Description of Duties: I have a large 5-stage project that is a being designed and built one stage at a time. It is about 1/3 into the whole solution and I am being pulled away to other projects. I need someone with some experience with multiple file solutions who wants to learn more about them and do it on the job. The ideal candidate will have some experience but eager to learn and try innovative solutions for a complex real-world working environment. I will continue to be closely involved but need someone to do the design
  3. This was very helpful for a situation I'm faced with. But, I need to take it one step further. Can I populate my Parent field (e.g., parent::currentStatus) with data from another field in the record associated with the "Max" timestamp. For example, I have a group of gang members who are seeing case managers. As they progress through the system I want to leave a bread trail of their activity so I have set up a table for their "status" and the dates reached. But I need to know their current status for use in reporting and for use on the user's layout. So, I can get a field to populate
  4. So, I'm wondering what you ended up doing. I've got a solution I'm developing for a gang intervention project and they want it to be web-based. So, am concerned with security. What did you do and what did you find regarding security? Thanks!
  5. Error 643 I'm using a pre-existing ScriptMaker-built, file-resident script and running it from the server. The script's sole step is to export one field from all the file's records into a .csv file and save it to the server. That step is failing and we think it is related to how I'm writing the filepath. Given the directions in FMP and my programmer's understanding of server work we expected to be able to use the Transfer folder as a repository, so we called the filepath "file:/Transfer/. Based on other threads of online discussion, we created a folder on the server called "Documents
  6. BCooney, thanks for a) your response, which prompted moving me to the right forum area. But, can you say just a bit more about this recommendation. I understand adding a field that identifies what Privilege Set will have access to any given record. But, the Record Level Access (RLA) is a new area for me. Any more detail on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I have a fairly complicated issue. The current solution is relatively complex, with 19 tables, all related to a table I’ll call PARTICIPANTS. Here’s the issue: A peripheral department in the organization, one that serves some of those already in the database’s PARTICIPANTS table, is now asking to use the solution to track their participants as they transition through their own programs. A simple change might be to give this new player access to the server and allow them to log in just like the original clients. The problem is, they really shouldn’t have access to ALL the PARTICIP
  8. Oh, sure, there it is. They just took away the buttons in the interface but left the functionality. Interesting. Thx.
  9. Yes, very good point. Either way, you'd have to do a lot of background work to make the new layout compatible with the existing infrastructure. I just found it surprising that (up until v.10) you could copy and paste scripts, fields, and tables, but not layouts. BTW, I just noticed they took away the ability to copy/paste scripts and changed it to an "Import" function. I found that odd. I skipped over 9, so it might have been there. Have you any idea why they did that?
  10. I have built a solution that is housed on a server at a local community college and I keep a copy of the DB on my office computer. I build and test new options for the DB at the office, then go to school to implement them I cannot build whole LAYOUTS and then copy and paste the new LAYOUT into the solution. I essentially must recreate it. This, in my opinion is where FMP could be improved - for developers who test functionality before implementing it in an online solution.
  11. THANK YOU! I thought I was crazy, all these posts about just "copy and paste" ease. I've wanted to be able to do this for some time but was pretty darn sure you couldn't. What is FileMaker waiting for? Why don't they give us this capability?
  12. I want to re-ask this question b/c I don't know as though the answers addressed the question. You can copy/paste scripts and fields and such between one file (database) and another. But, you cannot copy/paste LAYOUTS from one file (database) to another. Is that correct? If not, please tell me how you can. Thanks. - Michael
  13. Well, I'll be darned. (FYI, the requirements of SPSS are not different from Excel, generally). I never thought that exporting from the MANY table and including fields from the ONE table would input the ONE fields' information in each record of the MANY table's records. Genius, and yet simple. Thank you FM. And, thank YOU!!
  14. I've been thinking through the logic of this issue for a few months and I haven't been able to figure out a solution. I hope someone has run across this and has some advice. I have two tables (at least). Let's call one Students and the other Classes. It is a one-to-many relationship, so that for every Student record there are numerous Classes records. I want to do some analysis on this data to predict Student success in their Classes, so I'd like to export the data into a statistical analysis software (SPSS). I think the best way to do that is have a flat file combining demographi
  15. I have two questions from reading this custom function. 1) Can I do this with a non-numeric set of data? For instance. Get(TableNames) produces a list of all my table names separated by a paragraph mark and I want to cycle through and pull out each Table name to insert into its own field. This way I create a list of the Table names (so I can develop a value list of my Table Names). 2) Once I place each of these Table Names into a separate field in their own table, can I go on to create new fields in another table with these Table Names as Field Names. Essentially, I'm trying
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