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  1. ... i use this all the time on all my layouts seeing as i detest the filemaker nav... plus i needed more room: "Record: " & Get(RecordNumber) & If(Get(FoundCount) ≠ Get(TotalRecordCount) ; "¶Found: " & Get(FoundCount) ; "" ) & "¶Total: " & Get(TotalRecordCount) Which returns a string such as the following when you are looking at the foundset: Record: 1 Found: 3 Total: 17 when all records are being displayed: Record: 1 Total: 17 Then again, you could use Record X of X which would just be "Record " & Get(RecordNumber) & " of " & Get(FoundCount) - but i find this isn't as clear. Either way you have to use an unstored calc field and aldipalo i'm still confused what your trying to do and why your using variables and apparantley a script to achieve this... ~Genx
  2. ... Delete the body part?
  3. Ender i'm not really following could you distinguish a little further in your definition of the found set and all related records?
  4. Back to question 1) I just tried using an external program to create a button of custom shape (can't do this in fm) ... no luck the best you can get is circles but that's about it. Now you bring up the roll over issue: if you just want tooltips thats fine, if not, you are going to have to look at a cool donation-ware plugin called EventScript by soft4humans. Have a hunt around on these forums for some links to it - theres plenty. This allows execution of scripts on rollover so it might help you out with what your trying to achieve. ~Genx
  5. anything that isn't enclosed in "" filemaker assumes to be a fieldname or a function call. So to do your task we would use the following (i've tried to mix and match a bit so you can get the idea. "Hello " & TableName::FirstName & ",¶¶How are you today?¶¶Affectionatley Yours,¶¶" & Get(AccountName)
  6. Lol, i'm sure it shouldn't be to hard, its only four types in total and they'll be located around the same area. French though eh, i can't say i loved doing that in high school, but hey, anything beat trying to work out Japanese. ~Genx
  7. P.s. Lol if you want just make a custom function called value: Name: Value Parameters: ValueList, ItemNumber Function: MiddleValues(ValueList ; ItemNumber ; 1 )
  8. Myeh, but middle values works just aswell, i just don't look at the FM help as much as i should, it would often save me a lot of grief. To tell you the truth this orange is just putting me off and i've lost access to my other account because i changed a skin (or so i think) so i'm to scared to change this one lol.
  9. Lol, yes, its all possible, we just use the following: If[YourContactTypeFieldHere = "Assos"] Do This Stuff Else If[YourContactTypeFieldHere = "Agency"] Do This Other Stuff Else If[YourContactTypeFieldHere = "Company"] Do This other other stuff Else Show Custom Dialog["error" ; "You have not specified a valid contact type"] End If
  10. That being said, you can use RightValues(LeftValues( "list" ; n ) ; 1 ) instead ... or better yet MiddleValues( "ValueList" ; n ; 1)
  11. Use the value function: Value( "ValueList" ; n ) where n is the value number you want pulled out in your value list. Using this you could just set n to be + 1 or -1 using your prev next buttons and return the correct value in a calc or something using the function mentioned above. EDIT... Apparantly that function doesn't exist.. i swear i saw it earlier today, sigh ~Genx
  12. Your script should look something like this: Allow User Abort[off] Set Error Capture [on] Go To Layout [Print Layout] Print[] If[Get(LastError) = 0] SetField[YourDateField ; Get(CurrentDate)] End If Go To Layout[original layout] Or a simpler version that doesn't check for when user cancel's etc. Print[] SetField[YourDateField ; Get(CurrentDate)] ~Genx
  13. Addressing Problem 1 First: First Of all you might consider - for both the sake of your user but more importantly your own -simply using the lot no. as the button, i.e. simply draw a standard square around that, they sort of look ugly anyway because they go inverted but it's up to you i suppose - don't waste to much time on it, trust me you'll have much more stuff to waste your time on . This way the user will always know to click on the lot no. to be taken to the record in question. Secondly Yes, when importing you can choose various match fields (as many as you want) in your case it would seem a lot no. and perhaps a suburb or estate name would suffice seeing as your getting the data externally from somewhere and don't have a primary key available at the other end (from what i'm guessing). Anyway, any questions, yell ~Genx
  14. Hey look, even if we arent technically permitted to change the sort order, what we could do is add an additional calc field that returns a 1 if there is content and a 0 if there isn't and sort over that... therefore allowing us to keep the bottom "data4" value.
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