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  1. It could be due to the font you're using not having a euro character??
  2. I would head on over to Lynda.com where they have an excellent set of training videos which you can view on demand. There are introductions to the basics right through to the more advanced functions of filemaker.
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone out there can help. I am working on a job management system and I have hit a bit of a brick wall in filemaker namely the lack of ability to display portals within portals. In my job management system I have a jobs table, a job stages table and a staff table. For the particular layout where I am having the problem i have created a parent - child - grand child relationship with jobs to job stages to staff. The jobs layout shows job stages associated with the job (as you can see) The problem that I have come up against is that I want to a
  4. Hi all, hope someone out there can help... I am working on a workflow management system. I have a table that stores job stages and a related table that stores time logs for each of the job stages. for example a job may be created with a job stage "Design - Concept" and the operator may then log hours against that job stage on a few separate dates. I am stuck with producing a calculated field to evaluate all related timelogs and then returning the newest date for the related jobstage. So if the operator logged time entries against job stage "Design - Concept" on 01-Apr-09, 04-Ap
  5. Hi Susan, Thanks for that, I just noticed that I mate a typo in my previous post: ContactID_fk not JobID, as that is how I had the relationship setup which is basically how you have told me to do it in your last post. I think the problem was probably that I had changed the portal definition so that it took data from a different table occurrence and not actually changed the definition of the fields on the portal so that they came from the same table occurrence. I tried the method in the attached file that "comment" posted and that worked for me. Thanks for all your
  6. Hi Susan, Thanks! The plan is that when the user selects a contact from the contact drop down in the pop up window the jobs being shown in the portal are filtered to only show jobs for that contact and then the user 'picks' the correct job to link the purchase to. I will script a button to do this which sets the JobID_fk in the purchase table to the correct job id. Currently the popup window is showing records from the jobs table. What I have tried (unsuccessfully!) to do is create a global field (g_ContactIDJobsFilter) in the jobs table and created a self-join relationship betw
  7. Hi Susan. You are correct in your assumption - not all jobs will have associated purchases. Starting from the purchase screen: I want to give the user the option to press a button to which opens a popup window: which gives the user the facility to select a contact from the dropdown which then filters the results in the portal to only show jobs belonging to that chosen contact. (but as you can see from the above screen shot I haven't got the relationship quite right!)
  8. Hi all, stuck on a portal problem and wonder if anyone out there can help. I am working on a simple workflow management solution. The bit I am scratching my head about is as follows: I have the following tables: contacts, jobs & purchases. A contact can have a job related to it. A job belonging to a customer can have a purchase related to it. I am working on the purchases layout and I am wanting to create a popup 'chooser' window with a portal in it where the user can select a customer (dropdown) and the portal shows only jobs related to the chosen customer . I
  9. Hi folks, I am hoping this should be relatively straightforward to sort out but its got me a bit stumped. I am building a print management workflow solution. I have a table called Contacts where customer data, general contact data and supplier data is stored. Each record is either tagged as being "Customer", "Contact", or "Supplier". I have built another table called Purchases where we can raise purchase invoices and relate them to suppliers. What I would like to achieve is a drop-down value list on the Purchases layout which only shows records from the Contacts table
  10. Has anyone come up with a solution for adding images to filemaker databases using PHP?
  11. Hi all. I am experimenting with Filemaker's XML export options to produce formatted HTML using XSLT in conjunction with CSS. Wow thats a lot of abbreviations in one sentence! I am a beginner using XSLT and have a good basic understanding of what you can do with it, and how it works. I have got about as far as I can on my own with playing around with the examples disributed by filemaker and other examples I have found on the web. In the file I have attached there is the database and the XSLT style sheet I am using, together with a example XML to HTML export that it produces. I
  12. Hi folks, I need a bit of help with this one, its got me stumpted. PROBLEM OUTLINE: I need an applescript / or possibly an automator script or combination of both to perform housekeeping functions, essentially getting a list of JPG names from a csv / txt file and finding them from a folder called 'images' on a windows volume and then deleting them. The csv / text file will be created by filemaker and I have control over the structure of the file if this helps. My aim, once this script works will be to attach it to a folder as a folder action essentially creating a "hot-fo
  13. Hi All, I want to create a script to attach to a button that when pressed will go to a layout in another filmaker file. I have read that it is not necessary in recent versions of filemaker as you can have muliple tables in one file, but I am stuck with FM5.5 for the moment. Thanks in advance. Richard.
  14. Thanks for all your help Fenton. I created a new calculation field with the result as a container. I eventually figured out how to do this. I calculated the the path and filename and it showed the image in the container horrah! I did notice that if I move the file in finder the image disappears so it is only storing a reference. How would I get it to actually embed the image into the container (remembering that I am using a calculation field to actually show the image in the container.
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