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  1. Just thought I would reply one more time with the script that I was ultimately trying to attain. This is an Aging Report that shows outstanding bids based on todays date - some variable number of days. We send out quote requests to up to 4 vendors at least 100 times per day. This report will show who hasn't gotten back to us in X number of days. Quotes that were sent back are excluded from the query. Your thoughts gave me enough fuel to finish things out. Here is the final script. Thanks again. If [ not Loop Quotes::gNumber ] Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "You must ente
  2. Actually, its not replacing it, its returning results that show only records that have dates entered into both fields. I'm trying to get it to return results for any records that had dates entered into the first date field OR any records that had dates placed in the second date field. The logic above is using AND instead of OR
  3. Ok, so here comes part II I have a second date field called "Prov2 Datestamp". Is there a way to extend the found set to check all records that show a range of (today - 7 days) for both of these fields collectively? So do the script outlined above on "Prov1 Datestamp" field and then extend the found set to include a search for all records in the "Prov2 Datestamp" field as well. I thought it would be easy enough to add a 2nd line like the first "set field...." but that doesn't extend the found set, rather, it replaces it. So get it to look something like this: If [ not Lo
  4. LaRetta - thank you - works perfectly : Everyone else, thank you for chiming in as well. I was hoping to do this without a script, but this will certainly do.
  5. Well, I do apologize... I did not articulate my thoughts properly. You have solved my problem. Thank you very much.
  6. If not too much trouble, I'll get on board for the ride. No problem creating a couple of global date fields. I have several relationships implemented within my dbase today.
  7. Thanks, I tried doing this word for word but it didn't work. I appreciate the effort. Here is a copy of my script (exported the report for you to review): Script Steps: If [ not Loop Quotes::gNumber ] Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "You Must Enter a Number"; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel” ] Halt Script End If Set Error Capture [ On ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ Loop Quotes::Prov1 Datestamp; Get ( CurrentDate ) - Loop Quotes::gNumber ] Perform Find [ ] If [ not Get ( FoundCount ) ] Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "No Records Found"; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel” ]
  8. I am hoping to find a way to Perform a Find on a data field based on the following logic: Today's Date - (some number of days) Example: Today - 14 (for 2 weeks) I have found another thread in this forum that addresses this through a script using calculations but that is not what I'm looking for. Rather, I'm trying to use the search parameters to bring up all dbase entries that have dates of the current date minus some variable (variable = number of days) Thanks, Rick
  9. I addeda %20 to the end and this finally worked. Thank you Lee Thank you Common I should have studied programming in school instead of PE :/
  10. Wow - 99.999% of the way there Would you believe, everything is working properly execept 1 thing - the URL calculation isn't picking up the last character for some reason Here is the the formula that "almost" works: "http://testing.shippingapis.com/ShippingAPITest.dll?API=Verify&XML= & """ & "702COGEN5515" & """ & "%20PASSWORD=" & """ & """ & "> & ">" & Loop Quotes::Address 1 & "" & Loop Quotes::City & "" & Loop Quotes::State & "" & Loop Quotes::Zip & "" & "" & "" Here is
  11. I think I'm going to give up. The 4 methods that Lee provided for reproducing double quotes withing a calculation just don't work on any sample calculation that I tried. Filemaker won't accept the language for me. Here is a screen shot of what Common suggested along with the error code I'm receiving which states "The specified table can not be found" - referencing the highlighted portion of my user code below "http://testing.shippingapis.com/ShippingAPITest.dll?API=Verify&XML= & Quote (702[color:yellow][b][i]COGEN5515[/i][/b][/color]) & "%20PASSWORD=" &am
  12. Roger that Comment/Lee - thank you will advise on progress
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