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  1. I have survey pages created via XSL style sheets that users fill out. I have also created an XSL thank you page that I would like to have load after the user hits "submit" and a new record is successfully created in the database. I cannot figure out how to do this. Right now, I have a javascript running that opens a popup window with the thank you page after the user hits submit. This is confusing for the user, as the page underneath the popup, the one they filled out, reloads itself (and clears out all fields), when they hit "submit." This makes the user wonder whether the submission w
  2. Huge help. Thanks. I finally got it. The page I had to worry about is just an XML wrapper for an HTML form page that submits new records. After reading the white paper, I found that if I changed $authenticated-xml-base-uri to 'http://user:pass@localhost' within the layout-uri variable, then I could bypass the default FMP Server authentication. That's all I needed. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I have some CWP pages that need to be accessed via authentication and others that need to be anonymously accessible. The way I understand FileMaker security, I can only accomplish this if I make all CWP access authenticated. Thus, I'd like to submit the username/password for the anonymous CWP pages for the user (so that they do not have to enter this information), but I'm not sure how to do it. I was hoping there was a way to do it directly in the URL query (we don't care if people can read this information), as I don't understand how to pass the data between XSL pages. If anyone has any tips,
  4. I've been creating web-enabled databases for a school over the past year. They've been simple in that there's only one user who looks at the data from the web - the guest user. Sometimes, people will submit forms online that are individual records. Sometimes, we've created records within FileMaker that we want to make available for viewing (such as job postings). Now my school wants me to make a database where students can create their own "accounts" in FileMaker, where they'll be able to upload resumes, input their class schedules so as to avoid interviewing conflicts, and any other deta
  5. Via CWP (I hope I understand your question correctly). Basically, the web form gets submitted using the [Guest] account, which has a modified [Data Entry Only] privilege set (as it must be able to read value lists). This form has about 60 fields. When a user browses that same record, this time as a job listing, he sees about 40 of the 60 fields. But I want him to have to use a username/password to access these same records. So: Creating record = anonymous. Viewing same record = username/password. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I have a database that has a data-entry-only account that is used for submitting web forms using CWP. No problems here. Users can freely browse to this web page and submit a form (for a job posting), and there is no need for a username/password. Part of the data that gets submitted from this form turns into a job listing that only certain users can look at. What this means is that when the data is submitted, anyone (a company) can do it, but when a user (a job seeker) wants to view the same data, they need a username and password. Herein lies the problem for me. We wa
  7. We've got a database that publishes job postings on the web, controlled with privilege sets. After the job deadline passes, we do not want users to be able to see the job posting. I can easily set this up with forced date-specific searches or something like a PostOnWeb field with a value of Yes or No. This works, but it doesn't prevent a knowledgeable FMP user from editing the URL to include these excluded records. I'm asking whether we can keep records in a table but essentially "turn them off" so they cannot be accessed on the web, period, but still remain in the table for archiving pur
  8. The web user doesn't actually see the lookup fields at any point. It's just for the database administrator. There's a layout that provides a list with the ID numbers (entered from the web), plus related info about the IDs (name, email address, etc.). So there's no need to use Javascript in this case. The web user will not see this layout. But when the administrator goes into this other layout, all these lookup fields are blank. But once those ID fields are tickled, the data shows up.
  9. Hello, I really don't know if this is even possible, but I thought I'd ask. I have an XSLT page in which a user enters an ID number and selects a checkbox for an available time slot. When the user hits the submit button, the page runs a javascript to make sure the user has entered an ID number and selected a time. However, I want to be able to verify that 1. the time slot selected is available (meaning I want to see if the FMP field is empty), and 2. I want to verify that the user ID matches the value of another FMP field. I have no idea how I can get a FMP field value within a Javas
  10. Hi everyone, First, I'm sorry if this is too simple of a question to ask. I really don't know how to proceed. I have a database that is basically a rolodex of companies, with addresses, phone numbers, and contact people as fields. Everything has a 1-1 ratio except that a company may have up to five contacts, each with his/her own phone number. These are all separate fields as part of the company's record, meaning there's a contact #1 field, contact #2 field, etc. There's a separate database for creating job postings that uses the employer information from the first database. So,
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