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  1. 'multi-User' is not a problem for me - the design is for single-users only... Frank.
  2. ...Well, after much thought, I finally worked it all out; Firstly, the layout to show the portal is pointed to the table which contains a single record. The portal itself points to a self-join of the table, now called , - as do the portal's fields. The table contains 2 fields only; & is calculated to match & vice-versa. Once is given a value of 'x' (this must be constant) it is automatically related to the single 'x' record in the table. The portal layout now shows all records matching the single 'dummy' record. The 'X' self-join of the table
  3. ...Now I've got a massive headache(!) - any examples - P L E A S E ! Frank.
  4. ...Hi Phil, all I'm getting is a single record, which scrolls through with the mouse as normal, but still 1 record - not a list... Frank.
  5. Anyone else have this problem? FileMaker fails to exit properly, so when it's started again it thinks it's running multiple copies and gives an error. Next, I have to bring up the XP Task Manager and quit the proccess manually... This happens quite a lot now. I'm running XP SP2 on 512mb 350mhz P4. Frank.
  6. ...Is there a way of using a portal instead of the traditional columnar list to display records (all records of a single table) on a layout? Frank.
  7. Hi Lee, my field is , my list is, well, er, text... Deleting and recreating the field seems to clear the problem - but NOT with the exact same (pasted) values?! Square Circle Triangle The above list may give me the error dialog; Cube Sphere Pyramid ...clears the 'fault' Is this a known bug? It's really, really annoying! Frank.
  8. I keep getting an annoying dialog box on entry of a field (defined as check-boxes); The only way to stop this is delete the field and start-over again, re-defining the list values... Frank.
  9. ...I already tried all that; selecting zero gives a blank, selecting 1 gives 2 stars and so on. Where am I going wrong? Frank.
  10. Thanks Rod! Near-perfect - my first rating needs to be zero (5 stars blanked), using a zero in the calc doesn't seem to work though... Maybe I need something like ? Frank.
  11. Thanks! This is (vitually) the same as my orginal set-up (Radio Buttons instead of hi-lite buttons though) Frank.
  12. ...Just one slight problem - my 'stars' start at zero and go through to 6 (not 1 - 5), this throws evertyhing out by 1, the zero seems to be invalid(!) Frank.
  13. EXACTLY like that! Many thanks! Thanks also to Genx, although your solution (in print) went over my head a little... Frank.
  14. Is it possible to use a container field as a sort of single radio button? What I mean by this is; I currently have calculated fields to show a 'star' rating - 0 to 5. I use a drop-down for the initial number and this is then translated via a container (6 global) to show a graphic of corresponding 'stars' What would be cool is to just click the container and let the 'stars' advance until you reach the desired 'rating' - any ideas? Thanks in advance! Frank.
  15. ...I think it's a disgrace that we are still stuck, in 2007, with the same crappy 'hi-lite' effect for a button.. and the really poor scripting capabilities.
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