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  1. So I have a database that has lookup fields that populate when data is entered into an ID field. The problem is that this ID field is entered through CWP, and it seems CWP doesn't tell FileMaker that the field has actually changed, so the lookups never get populated. If you enter the ID numbers into the fields in FileMaker, rather than the web, the lookups work without a problem. To solve this, I tried to change the ID field to an auto enter field in which I used the Replace() function, basically substituting the original text for the original text, thinking this would "touch" the field.
  2. Hello, I really don't know if this is even possible, but I thought I'd ask. I have an XSLT page in which a user enters an ID number and selects a checkbox for an available time slot. When the user hits the submit button, the page runs a javascript to make sure the user has entered an ID number and selected a time. However, I want to be able to verify that 1. the time slot selected is available (meaning I want to see if the FMP field is empty), and 2. I want to verify that the user ID matches the value of another FMP field. I have no idea how I can get a FMP field value within a Java
  3. I figured it out, just in case anyone else needs it. I just changed the line to: http:// What truly mattered was the http://
  4. I have a field that is a company's website, and I'm trying to figure out how to write XSLT code to turn it into a hyperlink. For example: This shows the web address as text and a URL, but the URL is http://mysite.com/fmi/xsl/browserecord.xsl/www.mylinkedsite.com Of course, I just want the URL to be http://www.mylinkedsite.com, bu
  5. Thanks! Worked like a charm. I was doing an auto-enter, but I wasn't using the Replace() function. That did the trick!
  6. I'm using a calculation to format phone numbers. Unfortunately, it seems that if I make a field a calculation field, when a user enters data into this field from the web, the field always comes up empty. Ok, that makes sense. So I've changed it to a text field. Let's call it PhoneNumber. Now, when the user types in her phone number, it accepts the text, regardless of the format. Then, I've created a new field called PhoneNumberFormatted. I've made it a calculation field that bases its result on the data in PhoneNumber field. However, the field does not automatically calculate this data fo
  7. Hi all, I created an XSLT stylesheet that is a basic web form. It's the first time I've done such a thing. The only point is to accept a user submissions; users can't edit or read existing records. The problem I'm having is figuring out what URL to use to enable the form to be submitted. For example, I can use: http://mysite.com/fmi/xsl/addrecord.xsl?-new But, when I do this, it creates a blank record upon entering the URL, then another record when I hit the submit button (which has the proper data). I imagine I shouldn't be using the -new command in the URL, but if I use any
  8. Hello, I have a layout used for the web where I have created a radio button set, in which I've placed blank carriage returns in the value list so that I have two or three lines between each radio selection. When looking at the layout from FMP8, it honors those carriage returns. When published, the webpage does not honor the carriage returns and so there is no extra spacing. Does anyone have any idea how to remedy this? Thanks for your help! Tom
  9. Thank you very much! It worked like a charm!
  10. If you've got two layouts in one table, can you restrict which records are shown by each layout? I know I can write a script that shows only certain records based on field contents, but can I make it work in such a way that the user doesn't have to run the script? I just want Layout A to show X records and Layout B to show Y records, all in the same table. Is this possible? Thanks! Tom
  11. Thanks, this works great! One other question with this. Say I want a field to be a lookup field for an existing phone number, but the user can edit it if need be. How can I have a field look up the existing phone number, but if the user edits the text, THEN have the calculation run? Thanks, Tom
  12. I'm trying to create a value list for use in a popup. Each record is a company, and each company has up to eight locations, each location name defined by a separate field in the record. Now, I see from examples in this forum that I can create a new table, linked by a primary key (say, Company ID), and then create a new record with the primary key and the field value for each location in order to make a popup list. That's fine. But is it possible to keep the field values directly within the company's record, so that I don't have to make a separate table for the locations? It seems like I cannot
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