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  1. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this question - it seemed the most appropriate, but I may be wrong. To all you FMP professionals: what do you usually charge? I'm asking because I'm trying to explain to my boss why we need to have someone come in and help us streamline our databases (I am far from an expert in Filemaker!). We would need someone to do the following things: Help us integrate FMP with Quickbooks (which would require the purchase of another program) Write us some scripts to automate daily tasks we do with the database (Possibly) redesign parts of the d
  2. Well shoot, I guess I showed my ignorance. Thanks for the help all - problem solved. What a great community!
  3. OK, here's what I've got. I can't really post the file here because it's got a bunch of addresses in it, but hopefully this is useful. Thanks so much, folks!
  4. First of all, thanks for all the help. I appreciate the support of seasoned FM veterans such as yourselves. Comment, I tried your suggestion for the calculation field, but it's still not working - the field isn't displaying anything.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. That second sentence should read "display all records where Current Date - ExpireDate is between 4 and 6 months". Edited the above post.
  6. I have a field, called ExpireDate, that I want to have give me a date 6 months after my StartDate field. Then, I want to be able to display all records where Current Date - ExpireDate is between 4 and 6 months [edited for correction after 1st reply]. How do I go about this? I'm not very comfortable working with calculations and dates. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, guys - worked like a charm. Now I find myself with another problem, though: My global field will include the name of another field. How, in my script, do I go to that field? If it were a one-time thing, I would just hard-code the field into the script. But the field that I want to go to will change every time.
  8. WEll, this page makes it pretty clear that I can't. Is there another way of accomplishing this? I want to be able to run a script where it asks the user for some text, and that text is used for a find.
  9. In Scriptmaker, is there a way to use the contents of a global field as the query for a find request? How do I do this? Or is the answer right under my nose? Thanks all - Daniel
  10. That seems like a good idea, but when I try to do it, the whole thing is borked. For some reason, using the exact same calculation as an autoenter for a field makes it so that it doesn't work (every county is returned as King). Do calculations work differently when used as auto-enter? Thanks so much - Daniel
  11. I have a nested case set in my address book that returns one of three counties if the zip code falls in certain ranges. If the zip code does not match any of the ranges I set up in my calculation, is there a way to let the user input the county himself? I guess I'm asking how one could enter text into a calculation field, or if that's possible. Here's my calculation, FWIW: Case (Student Zip ≥ 98130 and Student Zip ≤ 98288; "King"; Student Zip ≥ 95602 and Student Zip ≤ 98293;"Snohomish"; Student Zip ≥ 98329 and Student Zip ≤ 98499; "Pierce") The problem with this m
  12. Forgive me again for asking a low-level question. I'm reading through my FMPro Bible and not finding anything on this topic, but I suspect it may be because I don't have the right word for it. I'd like to have a script where it will insert text "x" and "y" in several consecutive fields over many records. But, I'd like to be able to define "x" and "y" each time I run the script. I'd also like to be able to define the starting field each time. In other words, when I run the script I want it to ask me where to start filling in fields, and what to fill them in with. Is there a wo
  13. I'm a beginning Filemaker user! I'm using it at a driving school to keep track of student records. Basically, students are organized by student numbers, which include a class number (a number might be 06-003-04, which means the student is #4 of the class 06-003). One of the things that we do regularly is enter attendance. I've figured out how to make a script to do that: it's a pretty basic "Insert...next field...insert" script. But it doesn't take into account kids that were absent on a given day. Here's what I'd like my script to be able to do. I'd like it to ask me for the la
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