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  1. Breezer, You have been so helpful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (=
  2. Hi, I have attached the database that relates to my question. I have 4 records. Each record has tabs (address, project/topic, publication, etc.) that correspond to applicable info for that record. If you look at the Publication tab, you will see a drop-down field that uses a value list for selecting a publication title. I would like to "apply" a publication field value to only a select set of records, rather than everyone in the database. While looking at the Publication tab, notice the "Core Audience" radio buttons at the top of the database. How can I select a specific publication value to be assigned to only a specific core audience? For example, how can I select the publication "One Touch" and have it apply to any and all record(s) whose "Core Audience" matches "NCSRP?" It was suggested that I can do this via a script, but I don't know how. Thanks so much for anyone who can help. Sincerely, Seattleflo Database.zip
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help, but that's not quite what I am looking for. Basically, I need to know how to take a value associated with a field and apply that across all of the records in the database, rather than entering the value or selecting from an associated value list over and over and over. -Seattleflo
  4. Hi, I have a value list of multiple publication titles. When a publication is sent out, I would like to select that publication's title from the value list and apply it to all records (recipients), rather than manually going to each record and selecting the value list's publication title in the field. Is there a way to "apply" a value list selection from one record to all records? Thanks. -Seattleflo
  5. Hi, I have a need to select an item in one field (names) from a value list and enter a cost associated with that individual in another field (costs). I need a way to demonstrate projected vs. actual expenditures allocated for an individual's salary according to a particular budget. What I would like to do is be able to make a selection in the names field and enter a cost in the costs field. Then, if I choose another name from the value list, I can enter a cost associated with that individual. For example, if I select "Cynthia" I would like to enter $3,000. If I go back into the names field and select James and enter $2,000, I would like the cost field to change WHILE REMEMBERING the value for Cynthia. Is this even possible? (= I have a attached a simple file to illustrate this... Thanks so much for any help. fields.zip
  6. Thanks for the explanation and help. Couldn't be more helpful. (= Seattleflo
  7. Hi, Is there a way to create relationships between value lists, so that if I select "1" from the field "expense number" only certain items appear from field "expense type"? If I select "2" other items from the "expense type" value list are able to be selected, etc... I have attached a generic file with these two fields and associated value lists. Basically, I would like for the user to select a number from the "expense number" field and only see the items that are applicable from "expense type." In this case, we could say, "Choosing '1' from "expense number" = only seeing 'rent and gardening' as options for selecting from "expense type." Thanks. SeattleFlo valuelists.zip
  8. Thanks. That's very helpful. Seatteflo
  9. Hi, Are there any plug-ins/scripts for pop-up reminders that I can apply across a module related to due dates, follow-ups, etc.? Basically, I would like to be able to "set" reminders on a record by date to alert me when it is a week out. Thanks. Seattleflo
  10. Thanks, so much! -Seattleflo
  11. Hi, Is there a calculation to make the text red if the number in the field has a minus (-) symbol associated with it? I understand how to do it, if the field has a relationship/calculation to another field (subtracting a number from another, such as for inventory). However, I am wondering how to do it for a standalone value. Thanks. Seattleflo
  12. Thanks, Brian. Your tips did the trick. -Seattleflo
  13. Hi, I have just created (manually) new records in a "contacts" database. This database has a relationship with a "projects" database. Any previously-existing records display properly. The new records don't display, although it appears to run the script as it should. How do I get portal relationships to properly display new records? Thanks. Seattleflo
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