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  1. Sorry, I have just started using FM and do not know all the correct terms…I did not mean to offend you. I withdraw the question.
  2. Sorry, I have just started using FM and do not know all the correct terms…I did not mean to offend you. I withdraw the question.
  3. Thanks Lee, I am slowly making progress with a few problems. Jim
  4. Greetings, I currently have a layout with issued equipment (about 60 items). I want to generate a report of the items issued to that individual. How do I get the report to only print out only items which have been issued (and skip the blank fields / not issued) and not have to place all the items on the report to print out. Thanks, Jim
  5. Thank you very much for the starting point...I have tried to create such an animal, but apparently I was off in the wrong direction. With your info I should now get on the right track and create what I need. Thanks again for your time. Jim
  6. Hi, I have a question about creating a DEMO version of an application with a date expiration. I have read several postings, which state that someone has created a DEMO of their application by using a “Date” expiration. However, I have never seen a posting as to how they accomplished the expiration…I have made many attempts to create a “Date” expiration but have yet to accomplish it. I have successfully created a DEMO of my application by using a limited number of entries before the DEMO locks up. I would really like for the user to be able to enter all the records they want, so
  7. That is what I guessed since I could not find any info on the subject. Thanks for the information. Jim
  8. Ender, No Im not using FM server (hope to after I learn the basics), Rignt now I am using FM8A. I am calling the standard method: File/Save Copy As/... I currently back up each one however, I guessed that there must be an easier way that would backup both at once. Thanks, Jim
  9. Sorry if this is not the correct section for this question but I did not see a section relating to backups specifically. I have two db’s that I am working with, I have defined the file reference to db #2 so that I can bring up the needed info to db #1. My question is about backup…if I do a backup via the standard method, I am only backing up the working db #1. Is there a script that I can use to backup both db’s in one motion. Thanks, Jim
  10. Thanks for the help, I had everything messed up...took a little while but now all seems well in newbie land. Thanks again, Jim
  11. LaRetta, Thanks for the information...however, I doubled checked all and all is correct. I deleted the releationship, deleted the table and rebuilt from the ground up. It is like there is a ghost global somewhere that keeps changing the first field on every entry to the same name/number or whatever you type into the very first field...the fields to the right all hold their data. I have looked for a global setting and have found none. I really have no idea, I was up unitl 3am trying to solve this one. Again, thanks for the reply, Jim
  12. Hi, Need some more newbie help, cant seem to locate info or figure this one out on my own. I currently have 2 tables, I have a portal from table 2, but what is messing me up is the first field from the second table. I have 4 fields in this portal, for some reason the first field will reproduce the same data in each field. For example if I enter the following via the portal: (each number will represent data into a separate field) 1 2 3 4 (all is well, until I start to enter more data below if I enter 5 6 7 8…this is what shows up 1 6 7 8. So what I have
  13. Thanks, What I am looking for is the db to open to a blank record...all the fields are there. The record is waiting for the user to decide to enter data for a new record or to conduct a search. Right now if they come in as create a new record, and leave there is a blank record. Or, is ther a way to auto delete the blank record if they decide to exit without entering any data. Thanks again, Jim
  14. Newbie Question: When someone enters my db, is it possible to open to a blank record? and if so how, as I have looked and looked for the solutions but have found none. I really do not want to enter with the New Record Request as I want a blank start for the user to decide what they want to do...search, new etc. Thanks for your assistance, Jim
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