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  1. LOL it is a design issue unfortunately not mine. The boss demanded a specific structure. Personally I am making a second version that has all the data in one table and just uses layouts for the requested window information.
  2. That would be fine except that this has to connect to outside SQL sources and therefore has a very specific structure.
  3. Now what if you wanted to do this with multiple fields to multiple other tables? To better explain I have an order entry form, after this is filled out the data from different fields (customer name, contact info, etc) needs to be sent out to 8 other tables (each has identical filed names). Do I need to create several global fields that each correspond?
  4. Well there is another vote for learning flash! If anyone has any spare time give it a shot...
  5. Perhaps you are right. Its the slider bar immediately below book in the status area that I am referring to. Vodka - Those are interesting but, nothing truely re creates the slider bar.
  6. I am sure this is simple and I am just missing but I am working on a solution where I have made the script to hide the status area. I would like to have the little records slider that is on it in a few of my layouts. Is there a simple way to insert this somewhere?
  7. Thank you wim that takes care of it all for me!
  8. Here's the situation. I have FM 8.5 advanced running on a server inside the company network. I want to give 2 users the ability to connect from outside the network to the database but, would rather they open filemaker and click remote than do IWP. Ist there a simple way to do this for example: -Make a dns route to the internal ip of the server only on the ports fm requires And if I go with the above example what ports on the firewall need to be opened up? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok so since a true syncing solution isn't cost effective what I would like to do is have a cacheing type solution. Here is the situation: I have a server and 5 mobile users. They are using a database for contact management. What I would like to do is set t so when users open the application it attempts to connect to the server so they have full access to the database however, if a connection cannot be established it will bring up a cached version that was downloaded that last time they connected. When they are working offline they will have limited ability to browse only and not edit the r
  10. Is there anything else other than Syncdek that is less expensive?
  11. The real kicker here is that this is built into FM Mobile whywouldn't thye include this in the regular version?
  12. Is there anything like this but, not nearly so darn expensive. i need this functionality for this project but, also for another with wider deployment. these prices don't support that concept.
  13. I am in a bit of a quandry. I have created a database to keep track of complex contact management information. This is loaded on a Filemaker server at a main office. The real trick is this I have 5 users traveling with laptops in the field that need to have that info locally (they won't always have the ability to be on the net). If one of the mobile users makes a change on the road they need to be able to sync those changes when they open the database and are connected to the net (my thought is when they open the program it will try and do a sync). Is there a plugin out there for this or
  14. I figured but, didnt know if this was built into FM 8. Is there any tutorials out there that someone would recommend.
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