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  1. Is there a way to check via script if a records container field is empty?
  2. I would like to try to reword my question. I have a calc field generated based on the input from other fields. I would like to check to make sure this calc field is unique, giving the user the ability to change the source fields until a conflict no longer exists. If I have 5 records, and the dynamic fields are 322-14 322-15 322-14 335-01 332-14 I would like the 3 "332-14" records to show a conflict until the user changes the fields that the calc field uses. Am I over thinking this? why does this seem difficult?
  3. Here is a better representation of what is happening. Slideprinting-01.jpg shows what I get when i turn on sliding. Slideprinting-02.jpg shows how I want it to look when you turn on sliding. I want all the fields in the current row to scale down uniformly to be the smallest they can be. Is that possible? Fred
  4. I am having his issue as well, on OSX. I want the rows to slide down to the smallest they can be based on the text in the box, but to keep all cells in that ROW the same size as the largest cell can slide down to. But each individual cell in the row slides down to ITS OWN minimum, instead of the rows maximum minimum. Can anyone help?
  5. Anyone know how to open a finder window via script on the mac? I have a mac path i would like to have a button that will open a finder to that directory. Fred
  6. I have a button that opens a file requester and then inserts the file selected into a container as a reference. My question is this, if there is already a file in that container, I would like the file requester to open up to the current directory (already stored in a field name container.dir) so that it is easier for the user to find the replacement for that file. Any way of doing that? Fred
  7. That seems to make sense to me, but Does not appear to be working. I have a global field in my main menu that stores the currentusername. And If the CurrentUserPrivledgeSet is set to Client, then I would like only his projects to populate the drop down to select which project to go into. But when I try to create a value list that is based on the currentusername, it says that it will not work, because it is a global field and cannot be indexed. How exactly does this method work or is there a better method to just showing his projects? There is a field in the project for Clients
  8. Very Odd, but it did in fact turn out to be a printer driver problem. Updated drivers and Numerals Print now.. Good thing... :P
  9. Has anyone ever seen this? Im not sure if its a printer driver thing or what. But no matter what I print, all NUMERALS on the page are Omitted. IE: If a record Name is set to ML_01_R100 what gets printed on the page says "ML_ _R " Has anyone else seen this before? It displays fine even in preview mode. But when printed this happens from evey layout.
  10. Can you do tool tips in FMPro 8.0 or do you need advanced or server? How do you do a tool tip?
  11. I have a need to not only limit the records viewable based on user login, but I would also like to limit the items in a drop down list based on that login. This would be for Client Access to the database. For example, we could have 6 different jobs we are tracking from 3 different clients. For Ease of this example, lets say each client has 2 jobs in our database. When that client logs in, I only want him to see his records, but even more than that, we have some drop down lists that are generated by ProjectNames. Normally this would dynamically list all 6 projects to choose from.
  12. I have a drop down that lists employee's from an employee table. Then we have a field in that table named ActiveEmployee which is set to Yes Or No. I would like the drop down to not list all employees in the database, but only the employees that are set to ActiveEmployee = "Yes" Can Someone help me with that?
  13. Is there a way to edit the html page that FM generates for User login for Instant Web Publishing? Why I am glad it has that feature, I would really like to change the way the login page looks.. :)
  14. I have a table called Projects with a field named Project::ProjectName in it. In our database we have several projects. For a Main Menu sort of situation, I would like to have a drop down that lists current Projects and when you select one, it finds all records in that project and swtiches to a new layout. I am brand new to this sort of find script and cant figure out how to do this. Because in this "Main Menu" layout, I do not want to store any records. it is simple a GUI for users to navigate to their project and to filter the records displayed to them to only that project.
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