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  1. Really? Well, there is not really a structure... I only have my table "Menu": Title (Text) Meal (Text) The VL refers on that table. and the Optionfields (Radiobuttons) are feeded with the VL.
  2. is this a known problem? or can anybody recommend me another way to get this problem solved?
  3. Hello I am pretty new to filemaker, and probabely the solution of my problem is as simple as flush the toilet. I have a table in my DB filled with several menus, by example Menu 1 spring Soup french Salad filet Mignon crême brulée etc. Menu 2 .... ... ...... ..... I want to be able to select them by Optionfields, (radiobuttons) so I created a Valuelist that takes these menues from the table and shows them in the Radiobuttonfield. But now I get a radiobutton before each Line: o Spring soup o french Salad o filet Mignon o crême brulée
  4. Hi all... I'm still tryin to create a letter in FMP 8. the letter is divided in: Introduction Content closing finalisation. Ok. I also have a table with letter fragments. Every fragment has its language (selected before by user), its Category (like is it a complaint, or an information etc, also selected before by user), and a topic (selected before by user) The letter is composed by dropdownfields, one for each position (Introduction, Content, closing, finalisation) Now for the user to be confortable, by example for a letter in english, about green hills,
  5. Okay.. thank you lots... I think I got my solution Thanks guys
  6. uuh that's exactly what I need, thank you 1000 times. Can I use this example and rebuild some parts of it for my own use?
  7. ok.. i'll try it out. Thanks...
  8. :) sounds fun.. no of course not. Ok, so let me ask on a diferent way. How can I set so many conditions to the contitional Valuelist?
  9. hmm i've been all day trying all different ways with contitional Valuelists, and I'm really desperate, because it's just too much parameters. ain't there another way?
  10. Hi all.. I'm having a big problem developing a "Fast letter create" solution. My goal is to get it done by a layout which is divided in several parts like salutation, content, closing and finalisation of the letter, where the user can click a selection-field and select a pre-defined value. So far, so easy. But now the problem consists in the fact that this Value-List must be influed by several parameters; language, topic etc. (e.g. Only values on the right language, amd of the right topic must be displayed). How shall I realise that? I thougt about some kind of Value
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