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  1. Genx, If Im understanding you that is exactly what I did. The problem was that it only found the first record in the contacts DB. So, If "John" was the first record from "Company#1" and set to Yes for Billing and Primary my contract will populate with that information, but "Bill" who is the Technology contact will not be populated.
  2. Would you be so kind to share the steps to set-up this procedure? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Ok, I know what my problem is but I'm not sure how to get around it. In the Contacts DB I have more than one record that is tied to the "CompanyID" which is the relationship field. It only pulls back one of the records so it populates maybe the Primary contact but not the billing or technical contact. Hmm... Help... Edit: Can I use a loop script? or will it continually find the first record? Thanks for all the help.
  4. Ok, This works in one DB but now when I try to pull the info from another DB nothing happens when I enter the record. I do not get any errors when adding the calculation.
  5. I get this message, This field cannot be used here because it would cause a circular definition.
  6. Ok so I lied about the DB name and Field names so I was less confusing so here is what they really are... DBs Contacts = MEL_Contacts Invoices = MEL_ANGEL Fields Primary = ANG_SystemEditor Calculation... If(MEL_Contacts::ANG_SystemEditor = "Yes"; MEL_Contacts::Name, "")
  7. Yes I do. And I have manually clicked on the field names in the list and I still get the same error
  8. Thanks for the reply and I have tried that same calculation but I get this error... This field cannot be found. And it highlights ;Contact::Name I know the field is there! and I've tried it with a few fields to verify and get the same message.
  9. Hi, I have two DataBases one Contacts and the other Invoices. I'm going to use the Invoice DB to print Invoices I have with customers. On the Invoices I need to include different types of contacts (IE: Primary, Billing, Support, etc). In the Contacts DB I have a feild for each contact type (IE: Primary, Billing, Support, etc.) which equal either "Yes" or "No". On my Invoices DB I created a "Primary_Name" field. What if statement do I need to use if Contact::Primary equals YES then populate with Contact::Name? Thanks!
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