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  1. Hi, I would like to connect to myDB (FMP 10) from ASP without using DSN. The driver ODBC (DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5) is installed. How can I do this ? what connexion string do I have to use ? Thank you I tried this without success ... Set myBD = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") myBD.ConnectionString = "Provider=DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5;SDSN=ASP_TEST;HST=localhost;PRT=2399;UID=Mano;PWD=123;"
  2. Hi, Being newbie is always painful. A very simple question - I use a custom dialog box with two INPUT fields. How do I read this values ?? thanx
  3. Hi, I need to create a field which would be used to get password where the characters will be replace by some other character, let’s say “*”. Any idea, suggestion how to do this ? thank you
  4. How to create a list value based on two tables ? Let’s consider the case with 2 tables. The table Session : Pk_ID_Session DateSession HourStartSession HourEnd Fk_ID_ScheduleClass … and the 2 table: pk_ID_ScheduleClass DateClass HourStartClass HourEndClass … Now, I would like to create a value list where: Session::DateClass = ScheduleClass::DateSession AND Session::HourStartClass = ScheduleClass::HourStartSession Can you help how to do this ? Thank you
  5. sotiris_2


    I think I did. I modified the report and it works, 4 columns by row. I added Sub-summary by Group with Page break after every 1 occurrence at the bottom of the report.
  6. Thank you guys, I’ll try something maybe the way with the popup window. It really sacks when you don’t have events to control what you’re doing. This problem is easy to resolve with Access/Oracle/MS SQL but here that’s not the case. I just started with FM and I’m forced to do something. Ps David – your file is corrupted
  7. sotiris_2


    I work on a report. The report is based on the table which is organised this way: tbSchedule ID Fk_Class DateClass Month Week Desc The report should grouped by Class (Header) Month (Sub-summary) Week (Sub-summary) DateClass (Body) Desc (Body) what should give me this: Class 3600 Date1 Date2 Date3 Date4 Date5 Date6 Date7 Date8 Date9 Date10 Date11 Date12 Page break (how?) and next class: Class 5600 Date1 Date2 Date3 Date4 Date5 D
  8. Wrong. The field ID in this table is unique, indeed, but what I’m looking for is the uniqueness of DATA in the record and not the ID field itself. Just with one field I cannot achieve the uniqueness of the data, I need more fields to compose the primary key to be sure that record entered is unique. In reality, the field ID is not necessary in that case. With Access you can choose more than one field and to compose the pk. Please, have a look at the examples 1 and 2. Example 1, records 2 and 3 – the ID is unique but NOT the DATA. Example 2, records 2 and 3 – the ID is unique but the
  9. Thanx but … I do have serial number pk in this table, not shown here, but it doesn’t protect form double record. Let’s say I have this table with records Tab1 Id_tab (serial number – auto-entered) Year (date) StartSession (date) Duration (number) Description (txt) …. and the records: Id Year StartSession Duration Desc 1 2006 01/01/2006 10 Regular 2 2006 05/01/2006 15 Summer Now there is nothing to protect me from entering another time the same entry even if the fields: Year, StartSession, Duration, Desc are set up unique i
  10. Hi, Just simple question. How can I achieve a primary key compose of many fields? My goal is to avoid doubled record in the table. The user should not be able to enter twice or more, the same record but the data in one field can be reused in another record. The table is composed of 5 or more fields: Tab1 Id_tab Year StartSession Duration Description … The primary key is supposed to be composed of Year + StartSession+Duration – it’s unique but separately the data of one field can be reused in another record: 2006 01/01/2006 10 Regular 2006 05/01/2006 15
  11. I owe you a beer … It worked the way I expected though I slightly modified the script. All tables are related but on the layout I have 2 tables the main – tbCours and in the portal - tbHoraireCours. I use a script to do some math based on the values from the layout. In the script I need to get the key from the portal (tbHoraireCours), go with this key to the tab tbPlageHoraire, find the rest of the info, do some math and with the result of all of this, go to 4th table (tbCalendrierCours) and make a new record. Now I can continue this was just a part of the rest. Thanx again…
  12. Hi, This one should be easy but when you are new its not easy. This is the crime scene: let’s say I have 2 tables, tab1 and tab2. Tab1 ID_Tab1 FK_Tab2 Name Date Tel … Tab2 ID_Tab2 Day Hour … I need to get some info from the tab 2 based on the local variable: $ID. This variable is equal to FK_Tab2 so $ID = FK_Tab2 = ID_Tab2. From the script, I need to find the record with the key $ID=FK_Tab2=ID_Tab2 and get the rest of the info. How do I find the record based on the value of $ID ?? thank you ...
  13. Hi, Now I’m able to go trough the portal but there’s always something bothering me. With the first script (script1), I can go trough the records in the portal and get the fk_ID but the final script (script2) have to do more and a new problem for me. The problem is script2. When I get the fk_ID_Plage, I’m able to go to the table “tbPlageHoraire” (Go to Layout) and get the info I need (GetNthRecord), insert into another table and go to the next record in the portal, shortly - repeat the loop. But, when I go to the table tbPlageHoraire, the context change and the loop doesn’t work.
  14. I replaced the statement go to record with go to portal raw … with the same condition,next, exit after last It seems to work now … Now I have to do the rest ...
  15. I did something like this but it’s almost worked. When I click on the button I get only the ID from the first record and not the rest. In the case were there’s no records, I show the message “empty”. This way I know there’s nothing to be calculated. Probably, there’s a problem with loop. I tried different set up but without success. In the Go to releted record I choose - show only related records + match all records in ..
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