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  1. Ah, so it's a known bug, great. For anyone else, the suggested fix on the other page didn't work, because then the URL in Firefox contained all %2f instead of any slashes. However, the following did solve my problem: Substitute ( URL ; [ "http://" ; "" ] ; [ "//" ; "/" ] )
  2. I have a wacky case where the Open URL command does not open the correct URL. This behavior occurs when calling Open URL from a script, as well as a button assigned to open a different address. Let's say I want to go to http://website.com/lets/go/here/ When triggering the Open URL command with either the script or the button sends me to http://website.com//lets/go/here Notice the double slash after .com -- that's the problem. If you remove the extra slash from the browser's address bar, the address is correct. Further, this only occurs on one machine, a Windows XP box runnin
  3. I have 2 fields defined for a serial number in my database: "SerialNumber" and "JobNumber". On creation of a record, the SerialNumber automatically is assigned the next available serial number, based on the field definition specified in the Define Database dialog -- SerialNumber is a field which contains incremental, unique numbers. The JobNumber field is currently set up to be a calculation that appends a letter in front of a serial number -- this field is automatically filled in by the calculation. The specific letter appended comes from a Category field in the database. Exam
  4. I have a Personnel database currently, and I've received a feature request to allow the export of the data into contact entries in Outlook. Is this possible, and if so, how?
  5. Currently, I have a script that uses the Send Email function. Some of my users have a signature defined in Outlook, but when they use the Send Email script to pull a list of addresses, the Outlook email windows that opens does not contain their signature. How can we have Outlook include their signature using this script?
  6. Wait, I see now what T-Square meant. I was locking myself into constraining the found set, but I didn't realize I could do Enter Find Mode, Set Field instead. I learned something! :)
  7. Specifying that calculation to find a record does not work. I know that is the correct calculation to get the current year, but how do I put in a Find request for the current year? If I ented any sort of calculation data into the find request, FileMaker does a literal search on "Set Field..." in the Year field.
  8. I'm writing a script which contains the step Perform Find[]. I want to perform the find on a field called Year, which contains, obviously, year values. How can I get the current year value into this Perform Find? I could do it if I had access to a Calculation field with Year(Get(CurrentDate)), but it appears I don't.
  9. I'm thinking it should be a script because I was trying to break the problem down -- this is used is more than one loaction in the database. Is that wrong? It should be generated upon record creation. The idea is that a button is hit, creating a new record in a different table (for class registrations), and sets the year field to the current academic year (as well as setting a few other values). The script generates the current academic year, so clicking it today would generate 2006 2007, but clicking the button on June 1, 2007 would generate 2007 2008. I was thinking this m
  10. These would be academic years, which run from June through May. Keeping track of, say, courses, I would want to know if someone enrolled in a class for the 2004 2005 or the 2006 2007 academic year, etc. Back to the org. question, how would I call a script from a calclation?
  11. I have a script defined that determines a Text string for years, where the output looks like "2004 2005" or "2006 2007", etc. I want to call this script from a calculation. Is it possible? The idea is I want to autofill in a field with the text strings above when a new record is created. If the above isn't possible, can someone suggest a way of accomplishing this task?
  12. Ah, I forgot it was in the relationship settings! Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. Some of my portals defualt to having an extra line to add a new record, while others do not have the extra line for quick, new records. How does one turn this extra line on and off?
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