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  1. Hi Man. I have one solution. For Web Enter you operator Cellphone and tell what is Url For Send SMS. and include in FileMaker. Maybe you operator tell you, this opcion agree only cellphone company and agree a Cost$$. Fun :
  2. Hi Man. Good Solution for Mouse Move. : Great.
  3. Hi Man, StarFangledNut I think whit a Filter. Fun :
  4. Hi Man. mmmmmm, good. but i don´t like you solution, but thanks :
  5. Hi man. Create you Custom Menu. when user login, Run one script. First Create you Custom Menu. In FileMaker Menu Tools - Custom Menu - Define Custom Menu [color:red]example 1 If User = "Boss" Install Menu Set (X) EndIf Or [color:red]Example 2 Create Variable $Users Case User1 = "Boss"; $Users = "Boss"; User2 = "Newbie"; $Users = "Newbie"; ... if $Users = "Boss" Instal Menu Set Boss Else Instal Menu Set Newbie EndIf you can create More Menus and create best Solution for this examples. Fun
  6. Ok. it's Easy, Go Edit>Sharing>IWP> Advance Option: Specify... but Why? 60minutes. 15minutes is best.!
  7. The First Page is Login. only can change delete accounts. [color:red]but, is not advisable. Remember, FileMaker Use User's and Group's. AAAhhh!! one think more. you can modific the First Page, change pictures, text, etc. [color:red]but Againd is not advisable
  8. :) thanks for all. i have a solution for my problem. :P
  9. hello everbody!. Is my first time in this forum. i have one problem in IWP, my problem is: when create in the FM8Advanced the picture or image show good but, show in the IWP this picture change and look deformed. please i need one solution, i looked the Page FileMaker and the solution for this problem but it does not work to me. look that picture, TEST. I need show great that picture. That image is the FM8ADVANCED That image is the IWP
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