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  1. thanks much! still, the link apears at another location inside this domain when I google for some keywords. http://attic.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/217471/ I’d appreciate if you could remove this too, as the link in the post causes some trouble.
  2. Workaround: If the button you are using is in the same line as your portal record is (it then appears as many times as the portal records), clicking on it and executing in your script the step "go to related record" you will land on the active record in another layout and be able to read the data well.
  3. Hi, I have problems when double clicking on buttons which perform scripts in IWP. This is also described here by another person and me: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/0ba793ee85#169408 It happens with certain scripts (not all the scripts) and then is reproducible. Here an example: I have a layout with a portal showing some related records. In the line of the related records I have a button which performs only one scripts step "go to related record" (Show only related record, match current record only), nothing else, as simple as possible. Clicking once via IWP all runs fi
  4. yes, that's how it worked then fine with IWP. thanks!
  5. the link: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/74575-iwp-in-iframe-links-dont-work/ please delete.
  6. Hi, how can I edit or delete a post? It’s a post with no answers yet, so I hope deleting should be easy, but I can’t find this option. Thanks much, Raphael
  7. Creating a unique ID when the user logs in is too late. I could, in this moment, just take the users costumer number which would be unique in the database. What I had in mind was creating a unique ID before the user logs in. So, switching to CWP will indeed be the way, thanks for the the quick reply and helpful links!
  8. Hi, is there any way to get a session ID for an IWP session and write it into a record in the moment the record is being created? I’m trying to build a web shop based on IWP. Unidentified web users would click on links like “Add to Cart” to add articles. After that, the user would identify doing a login and continue with a payment procedure. In this moment, the articles in the cart have to be related to the correct user, and a way to identify which articles belong to which user would be having a session ID recorded. Thanks in advance for help, Raphael
  9. Hello, we´ve just bought 5 Windows Terminal Server CALs and installed them, with Windows 2003 Terminal Services Server, Filemaker Pro 8 (Vol. License) and Filemaker Server 8 all on one machine, which leads to the fact that FM crashes in the moment it opens the shared databases. Question 1: A little late, I found an observation in a techscript which says that FMS and Terminal Services Server should not be installed on the same machine. Is this a must, or exists a workaround in order to have all on one machine? (We have only 5 users, all in different cities, and our machine is
  10. hi, how can i open port 5003 manually on windows 2003 server? fm pro 8 doesn´t open it, and we want to share the database peer-to-peer. i tried to open both tcp and udp 5003 by using Local Security Polices - IP Filter Lists, but it apearently does´nt open the port.
  11. you can use filemaker pro, you´ll not need fmserver. but 1 fm pro license for each user. in the location with 2-4 users, the first user to open the database will be the host and provide the db for sharing. the clients will open it with "remote open". for the other location, just install fm in the usual way. or a runtime version...
  12. Sure, I meant WAN, not WLAN. Thanks for correcting ;-) So I´m checking out port 5003...
  13. Hello, I´d very much appreciate some help concerning the following configuration. We have a Windows 2003 Server and 5 Windows XP users spread over different countries, accessing the server over WLAN. We don´t have Filemaker Server, but a Filemaker Pro 8 Volume License for 5 users. So I installed FM Pro 8 on the server and configured the database for sharing. Then, on the client, I tried to open the database by “file remote open” over LDAP port 389, but FM doesn´t find the databases on the server. In the manuals I read that Filemaker Server has an option, where one can regi
  14. Ok, i´ve found the answer myself ;-) The way is to use the “Assisted Install.txt” file, directory /files. Before each installation, just put the right data (username, serial etc.) in there, and set ApplicationUsers= OnlyCurrentUser. Do the installation like that under each windows profile. So everything works fine...
  15. Ok, i´ve found an answer so far ;-) The way is to use the “Assisted Install.txt” file, directory /files. Before each installation, just put the right data (username, serial etc.) in there, and set ApplicationUsers= OnlyCurrentUser. Do the installation like that under each windows profile. So everything could work fine. Anyway, I´d also like to try the "open remote file" version. My experience with a slow mode was Filemaker 5 Server installed on the remote server, and access by Filemaker 5.5 clients by "File Open Remote". Maybe with FM 8 it´s faster. As I understand it until now, I sh
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