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  1. January 23, 2014: Spafford Data Solutions, of Ottawa, Ontario announced the immediate availability of Paul Spafford's new instructional book for FileMaker developers. FileMaker User Management: Creating a User Preferences Table and Empowering Your Users to Manage Accounts Paul Spafford, the developer/writer behind the popular blog FMLayoutMode.com has gone one step further in teaching advanced development technique for beginner to intermediate level developers. The 45-page book gives step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, for how to create a User tabl
  2. My client has SC v2.852 running on a Windows server, with java 5 build 22. They're getting regular crashes whenever they try to view SC through a Web viewer. Any ideas? Thanks, Paul
  3. Thanks, David. I'll give that a try. They get a lot of these addresses by copying and pasting from Web sites. Is there a chance that they have accidentally brought along some illegal, invisible characters?
  4. I just tried that again, and no joy. The CONTACT::email field is only holding the email address -- without the extra characters -- when I look at it on the layout, OR in the data viewer. I stopped short of actually sending the email, so that it wouldn't actually send an email to their clients. But the email field looked good before and after. Any ideas?
  5. Hey everyone, A client is using this plug-in for mass emails (looped through, one at a time). While trying to send about 1300 individual emails, about 100 of the email addresses were changed to include some strange characters in them. For example, an email of Harvey.Wallbanger@something.gc.ca became the following: "ÿHarvey.Wallbanger"@something.gc.ca It inserts the quotes, and that foreign character at the beginning -- but it is not always the same character! Here is the formula that is used to create and send the email. EmailCreate( $$userEmail ; CO
  6. There we go. I wrote a recursive custom function that seems to do the trick. In the email message field, you just need to enclose all urls in square brackets. // CF name: EncodeURL_CF // Parameters: textToCode // // This function encodes all urls enclosed in square brackets for html. Let ( [ @textToCode = textToCode ; @openSquarePos = Position ( @textToCode ; "[" ; 0 ; 1 ) ; @closeSquarePos = Position ( @textToCode ; "]" ; 0 ; 1 ) ; @afterOpenSquare = Right ( @textToCode ; Length ( @textToCode ) - @openSquarePos ) ; @url = Left ( @afterOpenSquare ; @closeSquare
  7. You're a star, David! Once I remembered that there are multiple parts in a multi-part email (duh), I was able to encode the url properly, using the following calc: Let ( [ @templateCSS = GetAsCSS ( EmailTemplate::letterText ) ; @urlStart = Position ( @templateCSS ; "http://" ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ; @postURLStart = Right ( @templateCSS ; Length ( @templateCSS ) - @urlStart ) ; @urlEnd = Position ( @postURLStart ; "<" ; 1 ; 1 ) ; @url = Trim ( Left ( @postURLStart ; @urlEnd - 1 ) ) ; @encoding = Substitute ( @templateCSS ; @url ; "" & @url & "" ) ]; @
  8. I'm not doing anything different to the links right now. I had forgotten that there are two different email bodies created for a multi-part. I will encode the part that does the GetAsCSS to do the to the links, and let you know how that works. Thanks!
  9. Oops! Sorry, David. I forgot to mention that these are multi-part emails.
  10. I have a client sending out quarterly marketing emails with this plug-in. It was very simple to set up and program -- loving it! However, they are having a problem when they insert links in the emails they send out. The links aren't clickable. They ARE clickable on my OSX Mail when I receive them (and even in my gmail), but not on-site for them (with various email apps, and even in their Yahoo mail). Is there something I'm doing wrong? I mostly just copied the calc that the sample file uses for multi-part sending. The only part I didn't include was any email headers. Could
  11. Have you ever been involved in the release of a major product, Duke? Think of all the testing and troubleshooting you do before you install a database. Now imagine your database was a large piece of software, with dozens of developers working on it, and being released worldwide. I did a brief contract with FMI as QA before 7 was released, and the thing that surprised me was that EVERY feature takes a huge amount of time to implement. They agonize over what features to include, and don't take it lightly when they have to exclude any features. Every change to every feature has to be te
  12. We didn't get script triggers -- which is a hell of a shame -- but we did get scheduled scripts in Server ... and it can email! I'm still thinking of a ton of uses for that. Another thing that's cool is the ability to append pdfs. For anyone who has ever had to script muli-layout reports to a single pdf, that one's worth it's weight in gold. I won't be recommending that all my clients upgrade, but I will be sure to tell them of some of the cool things I can do for them if they do.
  13. Does ESS work in a runtime? If so, that could send you part way toward having a thin client.
  14. You could also go to the second record, then use the Omit Multiple Records script step. Have it omit the following formula: Get ( FoundCount ) - 1
  15. DataWorks and Spafford Data Solutions are pleased to announce the release of Ignite 1.1. Start your databases with the template file that is used by the best of the best! Ignite is the head start you need for your FileMaker development. Ignite not only includes reusable code that takes advantage of Script Parameters, Script Variables and Custom Functions, it is a great learning tool – providing best practices that can save hours of development time on each project! New in version 1.1 is a user management module. Now clients can manage their own list of users and all of thei
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