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  1. Hi All, Just a little sharing. Actually, I was a bit disappointed when I realized that FM12 not longer provide object effect such as embossed, engraved and drop shadow. However, I didn't give up totally. I tired the various themes and objects. Yes, I found that Tab control under the Classic Theme is embossed! Pressed on! I formatted rectangles with embossed, engraved and drop shadow in FM11.0v3 and convert it to FM12.0v3. Then, I used Format Painter to copy and paste to other objects. It works! Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions www.speediDB.com omegag
  2. Dear DLC, I would suggest that you register to be a FileMaker Technical Network member (which is FREE) and download the FileMaker 12 standalone converter at: For Mac User, http://fmdl.filemaker.com/maint/emea_fba_ftn/fm12_standalonedbconverter_osx.zip For Win User, http://fmdl.filemaker.com/maint/emea_fba_ftn/fm12_standalonedbconverter_win.zip Hope that the dedicated converter does help! Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions www.speediDB.com omegagoh@speedidb.com
  3. Hi Jon, I would suggest that you try App Maker from FIleMaker Inc, which creates an icon to open the FM DB directly. Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions www.speediDB.com
  4. Hi all, If what you want is an icon on the iPad (or iPhone) to open the FM DB (either locally or remotely), try: - App Maker (Free) from FileMaker Inc, or - GoWrap (Free/Pro) at www.gowrap.net. However, if you really want to make your FM DB to sell in itune, then consider - fmtouch at http://www.fmtouch.com, or - some form of help from Richard at www.rcconsulting.com who produced - FM Notify (free download from itune) - Sales Beaver Lite (free download from itune, runs on iPad) Note: There are some other FM developers who had successful put the FM DB in itune f
  5. Thanks for the detail description of the desired function. It combined the features of OS, FM Custom Function and Script. I am not able to do exactly what you want, but you may consider the following alternative/modification: 1. Copy, move and rename as options set and modifiable. 2. A default (but modifiable) source path and destination path. 3. Auto check and process (either copy, move or rename) whenever there is/are file(s) in source folder. 4. A log of files processed in FM and the respective file size. As for: 1. Progress bar, it is artificial unless I can find way fo
  6. I suggest that you check the user's access to the fmp6 file, the folder containing this file, the access of the user to the FMP6 application folder and subfolders. Reason: fmp needs to create temp file for processing, usually the temp file is created in the same folder as the .fp5 file. The temp file will be deleted when you open the .fp5 file. Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions
  7. Dear John, I think it is quite hard for anyone to help you based on the description provide. I suggest that you make a Clone of your file then add few good dummy data for processing. Specify the Script (and Step, if possible) and upload the file for the experts to investigate. If it is a complex solution, you may consider simplifying it, both for yourself and others to investigate the cause of problem. Regards, Omega Goh
  8. Dear Gammada, I suggest that you store all the titles and the respective price in a Table, then define a Value List with Title as the first Field and Price as the second Field. Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions
  9. Dear Bruce, If I didn't get Matt wrong, he is interested in getting either a list of field names or a count of number of fields of a specified table. He also mentioned that FieldNames ( ) only returns a list of field names from a specified layout, which you had pointed me to the official documentation. What I was saying is, while it is not in the official documentation, FieldNames ( ) can return a list of field names from a table (occurence), which is exactly what Matt wanted. I hope that I had make myself clear is round. Regards, Omega Goh
  10. Dear Daniele, It was very surprising to me too. I ran DDR in FMPD6 and use Analyzer 3.5 (from Waves in Motion / WorqSmart; much prior version of Inspector Pro 3, now from Beezwax)) to check for error, none of the calculation fields was flag as error. So, it is really very odd. Neither me nor the client has a prior version of the file. It was developed by an Indian FM develop who is no longer contactable. I think, at worst, I will try to explain to my client about the oddity of this file. Thanks anyway. Regards, Omega Goh
  11. Dear Bruce, Thanks for pointing to the (official) documentation and suggesting to name Layout different from Table Occurrence. However, I strongly encourage you to download the attachment to see that I wasn't wrong (tested with FMPA8.5 and FMPA11; non-officially it works!). Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions Table vs Layout Field Names.zip
  12. Dear Bruce, The problem is the file function normally in .fp5 but not in .fp7! This project that I will be taking involved 2 systems in FMP6. The first system have 48 FM6 files and the second has 31 FMP6 files. Trial convention of all files seem good except this one. While this isolated component is by itself, it is deem important for the user in specifying their request visually. To re-build this file (original version has some 85 layouts) would mean a lot of time and cost as I have little knowledge of the industry that my client is in. It is difficult to justify the cost of re
  13. Dear Matt, I think the easiest is to run Database Design Report if you have FileMaker Pro Advanced. Else, consider doing either of the following: 1. Create a layout with all fields for each table and use the FieldNames ( File Name; ""). 2. For a more dynamic method do: a. Use TableNames( File Name ) to get a list of Tables and split them into records ( 1 Record for 1 Table ). b. Use FieldNames ( File Name; Table Name) to get a list of Fields for the Table. Regards, Omega Goh Speedy Scaleable Solutions
  14. Dear Vaughan, You are right to say that Evaluate( ) will produce the result and ignore the spaces. However, as an educator ( I was a Maths teacher ), ones also concern about the presentation. It is therefore important to train the students to present their working as "reasonable" as possible right from the beginning. On the other hand, it is also not realistic to expect all students to do it right initially, hence IT can be of help for these little irritating problems an educator is facing. I think Daniele shown a excellent simple version of what is expected of. However, as the grade
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