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  1. Hi Stuart Thanks for that, I see that will work for one field, any ideas about making them all appear correctly? Cheers
  2. Answer: When its' in IWP it seems, until you click on it and then it magically transforms itself into a web style drop down! Does everyone have this or is it just me? It's very confusing, without some form of identifier on the screen you wouldn't it was know a drop-down list unless you clicked on it (and using a drop-down menu isn't much clearer either) How can you get IWP to make it clear that this is a drop-down and not just a text field. Examples below: drop down in FM same drop down before it's clicked in IWP and after it's clicked
  3. Yeah, that's what I figured. However, i have at least found a (fairly) quick way of doing it. Resize it however you want it in Fm, then copy it into Preview (I'm on a Mac, but Photoshop or similar would do) then copy it back to the FM layout. I've used it a lot as I don't have access to the original images we used.
  4. Hi - been trying to work out why images that look fine in FM (Windows or Mac) look really bad via IWP from Windows (Firefox or IE7) but look fine from Safari or Firefox Mac I think it's to do with the way that FM resizes images in containers but other than rezise all the images externally first in Photoshop or similar, I can't seem to do anything that fixes the images display this. Anybody any ideas? Examples below: From Safari From IE 7 Cheers
  5. Thanks Alex - neat idea. I'm going to look into it later and see if it works for what they need. I'll report back... WTS Cheers
  6. Thanks Alex - I see your point but delimted is no good for the purposes of what I need - in fact we originally used something similar to this but the users needed to see a definitive entry per scan. It may only be for re-assurance purposes but that's what they wanted!! Anyway we've got them to accept that best practice is that if it's on that screen, they just don't touch it! Thanks all. :)
  7. Hi Alex - I'm not sure what you're driving at (pun intended ). 1 global field will not hold more than 1 value at a time, however if I'm being particularly dull I'd be delighted to be enlightened.
  8. Unfortunately, using a global is no good as they might be inputing hundreds of barcodes in any 1 session. The only other way I can see is to not use a Find routine to choose the files that are changed but to use a holding table, with a New record loop that then imports -> amends the records. That way at least it would keep the records it's already created. Your first suggestion is however a good temporary fix until I get the scripts updated. :)
  9. LaRetta - thanks for that. It's better than it was as it will at least now carry out the find and import that's it's supposed to do so at least I can keep what they've already input. Cheers - time for bed!!
  10. Thanks for that I'll give it a try. You don't need to scan to be able to test by the way, all the scanner does is enter some data in and then simulates pressing the enter key, so just doing the same works without a scanner. Cheers
  11. Hi all. I have a small but infuriating problem. I have a script that sits in Find mode waiting for the user to scan in a barcode, once scanned it does a new find request and loops, doing it all over again. Once the user is happy they press a button on the layout and the current script exits and it goes off and finds the various barcodes. Great....except that the person doing the scanning can be up to 30m away using a bluetooth scanner, and so the terminal is prone to another user coming up to it and pressing the buttons (despite big warnings all over the screen!), losing all the finds done
  12. Hi Does anyone know how you get the status bar not to appear at all (not the Hide Status (Lock) you still get a thick grey bar down the left side). Is there also a way to get the Window title to appear (when the status bar is hidden) and to resize a window, according to the New Window data in Filemaker? Apart from these small interface objections, I think it's a dream to work with - as long as you remember to extend your text fields to allow IE to show them all!!
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