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  1. Actually Avails are on the join between Acts and People (i.e the memberships), i actually got this a little wrong, so a "ticket" is created in this table for each of the following BK - a booking is made for an act so every person in the ACT gets a ticket with the status BK for that day, and if a person from this act is also in another act then all of the people in the other affected acts also get a ticket with a status PB (previously booked ticket) for that day, and then there is the third type of ticket which is NA and this is when a person makes themselves unavailable on a particular day and
  2. If for example Act A is booked for a gig then all of the other bands that Act A's members are in will unavailable for that day. Also, if one of the member of Act A is either playing with another band on a certain day OR have an entry in the Avails DB that they are on holidays for example on that day then Act A is not available. Your right, this could probably have been done in the events DB but unfortunately the DB was already built by the time I was brought on board to try and help out with the DB!
  3. Thanks for the replies, I have attached an ER diagram of this part of the database so you can see more clearly the relationships. There is a table between the Acts and their members as you will see, it goes Acts - Membership - Person Also, if a person is not available for whatever reason then all of the acts that they are in are not available. Avails.pdf
  4. i'm not sure if this would wokr, but maybe some kind of portal in a calendar view?
  5. No I am now on filemaker 10, so how would this work? Say I run a report for a certain artist and I want it to save into that artists directory on the server with the artists name and the date in the filename, is that possible?
  6. being able to specify the directory pathway for saving a PDF document and having it automatically given a unique file name based on one or several fields of data in FMP
  7. I want to create a report that displays the dates that certain Acts are available to be booked. Now here lies my problem. I have (which relate to this) 5 tables acts, members, events, avails, agents So Acts is self explanatory, members are the individual people who make up the acts because some are in more than one Act (1 act can have many members, and each member can be in many acts), Events are the event bookings for Acts for certain dates and avails are when an act has made itself unavailable on certain dates and agents are the people who look after the acts. So I want to run
  8. Thank you so much, this worked perfectly, bu now once I have all of the events for these acts displaying in the report I realised that people will want to filter this by date range, so is there any way to have a custom message before the report is run in the act database allow for an event date range to be entered and then the report is filtered by this. I have tried this with find modes etc but can't seem to get it right?
  9. It definately won't be any more than 1000, so this should work for me then?
  10. Ok, so would this work; 1. do find on Act database 2. go to layout with only actid field on it and copy 3. go to report in Act database that i want to print 4. have hidden field on this report and past the actid into the global field i created 5. continue and go to Events database 6. run find on events based on the values in the global field?
  11. Hi, I need to be able to do the following find and am not sure if it is possible. Step 1 - do a find on Acts in a database and bring back a list and a few other bits and pieces and print out a report with details of these acts, Step 2 - then click continue and jump over to the Events database where I want another report to be run which shows the events for the acts which where selected in the find above on the act database. Is this possible?
  12. I know, i wrote 01/10/2007 to start with then updated the post because it is actually the 1st of September that I am having a problem with. OS settings are set correctly for Australia so dd/mm/yyyy
  13. I am having an issue with the DayOfWeekName function. I have a field set to show the day of the week name with the following formula - DayOfWeekName(gdTempDate), gdTempDate is the 01/09/2007 which is a Saturday and the field is returing Sunday?
  14. I can't attach the file unfortunetly because it is way to large and it is connected to about 10 other databases. That's the problem with version 6 you couldn't have more than one table in a database!
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